Friday, March 23, 2012

Saudi Husband Divorces Wife Over Loudspeaker At Shopping Mall

Divorce in Islam (at least for the husband) is as simple as saying "talaq" (I divorce you) up to three times, and it can be for something as insignificant as a wife cooking a meal that hubby doesn't like. Take the Saudi man who was so pissed off that his wife put cheese in his samosas instead of meat that "he beat her up, divorced her and kicked her out."

Then there's this, also out of Saudi Arabia:  A husband was at a mall with his wife and three kids when he wandered off to shop in a men's clothing store.

“When he left that shop, he saw a man giving his wife a note bearing his phone number…she accepted the paper and put it inside her bag,”

“He then used the mall’s loudspeaker to shout divorce words against his wife although she was with her three children.”

A loudspeaker?  That's pretty nasty. 

And equally cold, but not quite as humiliating, is how men in Tajikstan divorce their wives- by text message. But at least texting isn't broadcast over a loudspeaker so that the whole mall, and your kids, can witness the divorce.

Muslims take their 'talaq' so seriously that a man joking with his wife on Skype, and stupidly inquired with Islamic scholars about having done so, was actually forced to go through with the divorce. And, as per Islamic law, the wife would have to marry another man and then divorce him, before she could remarry her husband.

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