Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Islamist Salafi Egyptian "Nose Job MP" Swears He Was Never Married To Belly Dancer

Egyptian Islamist politician Anwar al-Balkimi (or Balkimy) aka the "nose job MP", is finding himself in deep doo-doo these days. First of all, the Islamist Salafist al-Nour MP was fired for getting a nose job, which is haram (forbidden) in Islam. He also happened to lie about the cosmetic procedure claiming he had actually been beaten after 5 masked men stopped him while traveling the Cairo-Alexandria desert highway and ran off with 100,000 Egyptian pounds of his.

The latest scandal has to do with Sama al-Masri a beautiful Egyptian actress/belly dancer who filed for divorce from the married father of young children after discovering he had another wife. Of course, having multiple wives in Islam is acceptable, but Sama had no clue, or so she says. Apparently, Sama and Anwar were secretly wed- obviously something he wanted kept hidden since he's an uber-conservative Muslim and Sama is an unveiled belly dancer, of all things.

She also claims that she has received threats, and believes Balkimi is the instigator. 

Regarding the threats, Masri said that she did not want to accuse anyone in the beginning but later discovered that it was her husband who hired people to threaten her with death and with throwing acid on her face.

Although all she wants is the divorce and the pre-nup agreed upon amount of 250,000 Egyptian pounds (approximately £27,000), it wasn't always bad. After all,

Masri admitted [snip] that Balkimi has given her a lot of support since they got married. In the lawsuit, she said that he bought her a car and opened several businesses for her that eventually enabled her of producing her first movie, in which she is also the lead actress.

But this is where it gets even more interesting: al-Balkimi swears he has no clue who Masri is, and that it's a liberal plot to bring him (and Islamists) down. (They have conspiracy theories there too.)

“This is dangerous as they are aiming to tarnish the reputation of the Islamists in the country."

“I never heard of this lady except on Thursday when I was having breakfast with my wife and children and one of my friends surprised me with a phone call telling of what the belly dancer is saying against me,” Balkimi told Al

“I have never ever known her before, I swear.”

Right. Just like his nose job wasn't a nose job. But the whole story is laughably bizarre.

I can't begin to imagine what his appeal was, other than the gifts she received from him.  And whether she was married or his mistress, he's just a big 'ol hypocrite, as most of the Islamists are.

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