Thursday, March 01, 2012

Al-Qaeda's al-Zawahri Says U.S. Defense Cuts and Talks With The Taliban A Sign Of Defeat

According to al-Qaeda's new leader Ayman al-Zawahri, Obama's decisions to make nice with the Afghan Taliban, and to cut our  defense budget by a substantial amount are a sign of weakness.  He also stated that the Arab Spring was primarily Islamist in nature.  But those of us with any sense don't need al-Zawahri to tell us that. We knew where the uprisings would lead, and even Afghanistan's Karzai gave up on dealing with the Taliban at one point in time, although who knows where he stands today. Zawahri believes that Obama's attempts to reach out to the Taliban is simply a sign of defeat. 

In an audio recording entitled "So Why Did We Revolt Against Him" posted on the Internet, he said:

“One of the latest signs of its shrinking (power) is the reduction in the U.S. Department of Defense's budget,” and that the U.S.  “military arrogance” had brought it nothing but losses.

“The biggest factor that forced America to reduce its defense budget is Allah’s help to the mujahideen to harm the evil empire of our time."

“America ... is about to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, and then not only accept, but insist upon requesting negotiations with the Islamic Emirate (Afghan Taliban), which it used to consider as a terrorist group that must be annihilated."

As for his homeland, Zawahri went on to say that things would remain status quo in Egypt, in spite of the revolution and subsequent regime change, unless the peace treaty with Israel was rescinded and Shariah (Islamic) law became the law of the land.

“The popular Arab uprisings have proved they are mainly Islamic in orientation and have sparked a revolution against the mercenaries of America."

“Egypt is not a free trade zone, nor an agent for America nor a middleman for Israel nor a tourist resort. It is the citadel of Islam. The fortress of pan-Arabism; the land of garrison, jihad, knowledge, and preaching."

As if Egypt could survive without its tourism.

But he's absolutely right about showing weakness.  Those who are embroiled in the jihad mentality have an enormous amount of patience, and you can rest assured that they will strike when our defences are down, and we will have Obama to thank for that.

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