Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Unhinged Left In Their Own Words- Latest RNC GOP Ad Video

The RNC's latest ad demonstrates just how "unhinged" the left has become, and it's getting  progressively worse with each Trump win. Unhingedness can eventually lead to violence- we're seeing it now in the anti-Kavanaugh protests. And remember what happened last year to Congressman Steve Scalise and several others, when an unhinged left-wing activist opened fire  on bunch of Republicans at baseball practice? They survived, but one day someone is going to get killed, and I will hold responsible every celeb, journalist and politician who encouraged others to violence.

Even California Rep Maxine Waters urged her supporters to harass Trump officials wherever they might happen to be. (See video below) That kind of encouragement is irresponsible and extremely dangerous, especially coming from a politician. Shame on her!

We've already seen Trump officials being harassed, demeaned, chased out of restaurants. I didn't realize there were so many, but here's a list that doesn't even include the latest on Ted Cruz.

What is happening to this country? I don't recall the right ever being as hateful as this during the 8 years of Obama.

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