Monday, February 05, 2007


So we have 2 men with something in common: Mark Foley (ex-Congressman, FL) and Dan Sutton (Senator, N.D.). Although Foley's a Republican and Sutton a Democrat, both were involved in scandals involving male pages. Foley was forced to resign. Sutton has merely been censured. Foley wrote highly suggestive emails and text messages to pages (he was never actually accused of molesting any of them). Sutton is accused of fondling a page he shared a bed with. Had Sutton been a Republican the scandal would have been plastered all over the mainstream media. If you google both men, the difference in results is rather interesting.

Sutton denies the accusations leveled at him, and who knows what the actual truth is, but sharing a bed with an underage teen (family friend or no), which he does acknowledge having done, is totally inappropriate.

The behavior, in both cases, was morally incorrect, and yet the punishment was not, by any means, meted out in an equal fashion. Just another example of liberal hypocrisy. You can read more about this inequality here.


Anonymous said...

There is no accounting for what the voters are willing to endure or allow their elected representatives perform or get away with. It is an absolute shame that more people don't live a more moral life. You would think that as a role model, our Congressmen would be above the sleeze. Oh well, the higher the position the higher the fall. MUD

lisa said...

wow, working in politics is as bad as the modeling business. Having sex with a page is one thing but doing it with an under-aged person is something else. Unless they're soul-mates, which this ain't the case, then it's horrible.

Incognito said...

Yes, MUD, it is amazing what we are willing to accept of our leaders, including a past Prez who lied to the country about his goings on. Anyone in a position of leadership should be above reproach, but I think they believe they are somehow untouchable.

But my point is that Dems seem to get away with much more than Repubs do. when they should both be censured equally. Any impropriety in office, should be dealt with in the same manner. Foley resigned and so should Sutton.

Incognito said...

Hi Lisa.
The boy claims he was fondled,no sex mentioned, and Sutton has denied it happened. So who knows the truth. But happen or not, he never should have been in the same bed as the boy.