Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Truth can get you fired

A British supply (substitute) teacher was immediately fired from a secondary school after Muslim students complained about him.

His offense: stating, in a religious education class (re. the pros and cons of religion), that most suicide bombers were Muslim. Not that all Muslims were suicide bombers, mind you. (Read full story here)

Now how pathetic is that?! In the 21st Century, the sad fact is that most if not ALL suicide bombers are Muslim.

In this case the Truth does not set you free, it just gets you sacked!!


Don't think how they write said...

Article does not indicate in what way he said it. That statement, even if it is factual, could have been said in a variety of contexts. Just like the statement, "Most crimes in the U.S. are commited by blacks." Depending on the context of what the point I was getting across. I could be spreading knowledge or hate.

Incognito said...

The point being, I think, is that he was summarily fired without being allowed to put forth his side of the argument.

And I don't believe it would have mattered one iota in what context it was stated. Considering the overly sensitive nature of the Muslims,anything can and is deemed offensive. The British banks actually removed "piggy banks" because it is offensive to Muslims. So rather than suffer the potential backlash of this man's comment, they fired him. That's what I call appeasement and is setting a extremely dangerous precedent. Wake up and smell the roses. This is not the time to look at things from a PC POV. Do we now have to be afraid of stating a Truth for fear that we might offend someone?

Liberal White Boy said...

I wonder why Muslims might be sensitive about such things?

Incognito said...

Hello LBW,
should I assume that this is a rhetorical statement and not a question?

Hmmm. Well, in case it's a question. Pigs are not halal, so they are offended by them. Therefore anything to do with pigs would be offensive. I assume they'd balk at a showing of the film "Babe".

And in case you feel they have the right to be offended by anything and everything, and that the rest of the world should mollycoddle them as a result of that, my response is: they need to get a life and a thicker skin. The Truth is the truth. And where do you draw the line? The statement was a fact, not an insult. What's going to be next?