Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hate spawns dangerous Love-fest: Ahmadinejad, Chavez and the Latin American Left

We're currently witnessing a nauseating 'love fest' between a fundamentalist Islamic leader and a bevy of Latin American leftists, and you have to wonder why? What is the common ground that unites Ahmadinejad (Iran) with the likes of Chavez (Venezuela), Morales (Bolivia), Correa (Ecuador) and Ortega (Nicaragua) and why is this alliance potentially so dangerous? They're certainly strange bedfellows, but let's take a look at what they do have in common. First and foremost: an intense hatred for the U.S. and everything it represents. For the Islamist(s), it's our western values and support for Israel's right to exist. For the Leftists, it's the principles of democracy and capitalism that this country stands for. Their common goal: the destruction of the U.S. and our way of life. They have voiced that desire on numerous occasions, and apparently believe that by uniting together they can accomplish that objective with greater ease. Central to this unholy alliance is Chavez and Ahmadinejad who have actively courted the others (and continue to do so with other developing countries) by pledging 2 billion dollars in aid for those who wish to disassociate themselves from U.S. influence (see my post on this). They have been duped into thinking they will gain immeasurably by joining forces (money talks!), but what price will the they pay, in the long run, when this marriage of convenience is no longer so convenient?

Another common denominator, between Ahmadinejad and the various Leftist leaders, is their desire for power and worldwide domination, and as much as they love to denounce what they term "U.S. imperialism", it is they who are the true imperialists (a post on this subject pending). Islamists would love nothing more than to establish a worldwide Caliphate, and the Leftists' goal is to spread their form of totalitarianism (or call it what you will) throughout the rest of the world. And if you don't think that Chavez will eventually lead Venezuela down the path towards Communism (just as Castro did with Cuba) you need to dig your head out of the proverbial sand. He's already started the process by nationalizing telecomm and utility companies, and by contemplating changing the constitution to allow for "indefinite re-election". And we all know what that will lead to, down the line. According to the current Venezuelan Constitution, Chavez is ineligible to run for re-election. By doing this he ensures his perpetual reign as king of Venezuela, just like all other dictators in the world have done, in the past. It remains to be seen what path the other Latin American Leftists lead their countries down, but I'd be very surprised if they don't follow in Chavez' footsteps. His influence (both monetary and through his bluster and rhetoric) was instrumental in turning many of the above mentioned countries leftist.

What I find ironic and pathetic, with both Chavez and Ahmadinejad, is that while their own people suffer greatly, they are willing to donate huge amounts of money to other countries. Not out of charity and goodwill, but out of hatred for the U.S., in an attempt to woo those countries to their "anti-U.S" side. Hatred plus hunger for power and domination is a lethal combination. If they combine their resources, you have a potentially explosive situation, both literally and figuratively.


Purist said...

You seem to foget that although they send huge amounts of money to other countries, so does your government.

How many people are suffering in the states right now? How much good could you do with the money being spent on a war that you're about to lose?

I think most non-western countries are well within their rights to detest the US. I come from the UK and I fucking hate the US. Look at what you've done in the world over the past 5 or so years.

I look forward to when China can start to knock the US around a bit and stand up for other people in the world.

No one is envious of life in the states, they look upon you as uneducated, conscripted paupers who have no choice in anything their government does, despite being a democracy.

Even if you disagree with all of this, you must admit one thing that I am right about - you are uneducated.

Incognito said...

No guts to post who you are. Typical.

Yes, our government does donate huge amounts in aid to foreign countries, as do the American people, but not for any ulterior motives other than a sense of generosity and care for others.
And yes, there are people suffering in this country, (as in yours) but there is no comparison. Any person in this country has the opportunity to better themselves, not so in a country lacking freedom. No incentive.

I'm sorry you are so filled with hate because it makes you no better than they. Being consumed with hate also causes health problems. So i would take care. And, pot calling the kettle black? The Brits were some of the greatest imperialists and colonizers ever. Yet, I don't hate the Brits. Just wait until Britain becomes an Islamic state and you lose whatever freedoms you have and you will be talking a different story. No more pubs for a pint, my friend.
And actually I graduated from University, with honors, so technically, I am educated.
I have many foreign friends who love this country, French even, and if people hate us so much, why are they always trying to sneak in? And I'mnot talking about the terrorist types. And we do have choice, and we can even criticize our government, without being tossed into jail or killed: wow. what a concept.
Sending good thoughts your way, though I doubt you;ll be back.

Purist said...

Don't worry, I'm back.

No guts? Where's your name? Incongnito? Pot/kettle, mate.

"Any person in this country has the opportunity to better themselves.." Come on, that's probably the most naive statement I've ever heard. How many millions of Americans are denied an education or given a really poor one at best? How much does it cost to go to college over there? I don't have the time to look up the figures, but I know that the amount of American adults who are unable to read or write is astonishing.

And what is it with this 'freedom' stuff? That's all we ever hear your politicians talking about. "Freedom this, freedom that, freedom fries etc." How much more freedom do you have since the 'War on Terror' began? Really, your privacy has been raped by a government who can eavesdrop on anyone, anytime they want to. Call that freedom? You're telling me the CIA/FBI go through all the proper paperwork when they want to bug a phoneline?

I'm not saying my government or my country is any better, BTW. Our foreign policy stinks too. But I very much doubt we will become an islamic state.

I could name a fair few people woh have critisized your government in the past and have been tossed into jail or killed. A big list it would be, too. But you're an educated person, I'm sure you can think of a fair few yourself..

Incognito said...

No, love, no guts to post your blog, not your name. Names are immaterial. And if you read my profile you would know why I keep mine mum. I still want to work. and if liberals like you were more accepting then perhaps I would post my real name and my actors website here.

No-one is denied an education in this country. There are free and inexpensive universities everywhere. There are numerous scholarships and teaching assitantships, financial aid etc. for anyone who wants to attend. and where there's a will there's a way and there are stories of how that is done. In fact there's a movie that was just shown about a black homeless father of a young child who became a millionaire, through sheer hard work and will. Problem with welfare states like Britain (and ours to a certain extent) is that you get lazy when you are given free hand outs. Why bother working hard when you can get subsidized for free.

And if you have nothing to hide, eavesdropping is not a problem. I could care less, because I have nothing to hide. If that helps find some terrorist (which your country is doing a fine job with, BTW) then be my guest. This country has managed, so far, to prevent another terrorist attack in this country, since 9/11.

No, please list at least a few people who have been killed or jailed because they have criticised this government. How come stupid people like Cindy Sheehan, and the Jan Fondas and Susan Sarandons of the celebrity world haven't been tossed in jail? You have to be more specific than that, mate.
And I welcome dialogue with anyone who has opposing views, as long as it doesn't get abusive.

Lambent said...

Here's my blog.

Unfortunately I deleted most of it, due to obscene content, but have started it again a few days ago.

I don't mean to be offensive, I just think you need to give a bit more thought to why there is so much anti-US sentiment around at the moment and maybe take some of the blame for it.

Bert Bananas said...

America's blame, INHO, stems from the fact that America announces itself a Christian nation, but hasn't a trace of Christianity in it's business life.

I submit to you that in 90% of our populated areas, if you had a flat tire on a non-freeway roadway, and you were non-threatening in your appearance, someone would stop to see if you could use some help. Americans expect help from their fellow Americans. And I see this an increasing expectation in American life.

Most people familiar with American life would agree that American people, by and large, are friendly, helpful. But this refers to American non-business people.

The same man who while on a weekend outing would pull over to help you change a tire, would the following Monday lie, cheat, steal, etc. to make one more dollar than his competitors. I think this is why Americans have such bad press. As business people, we are not very nice.

And the business of America being Business, American businesses want politicians who are just like they are: greedy, grasping, short sighted, etc., etc.

Is American going to change? Not enough to ever confuse an American Businessman with a Christian Missionary.

And I seriously believe that the despots named by Incognito are threats only to themselves and the people they control, because all they want to do is beat America at being America.

So there!

Incognito said...

Well, Lambent, I was able to garner some insights from your blog. thanks for finally having the courage to share.
I think beyond the bravado there's a small little boy, far from home, who just wants to be loved. You need a big hug, so consider yourself hugged.

Incognito said...

Hello again Bert,

I would add that Americans are willing to help anyone, not just their fellow Americans, and that's what gets us into trouble.

Oftentimes, because we are seen as a 'super power', we are expected to help other countries.. it was Somalia or some other country that recently asked for our help... but, at the same time, we are resented for it. We are criticised for not helping and then when we do we are criticised for meddling. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I would agree that there are individuals in the American business sector that are less than savory,and at times downright evil, but who do you blame for that? Corporate America as a whole, or those individuals? And I think there are a lot of decent companies that take good care of their employees and donate to charities, support the arts etc.

As for those despots... time will tell. I think you are a tad in denial about their motives (particularly Ahmadinejad and Il) and with nuclear weapons in the hands of somewhat unstable men, anything could happen. I hope you are right, but I would place bets that you aren't.
But, this is what makes this country a wonderful place to live, we can agree to disagree and know that we'll both still be alive to tell the tale.



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