Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Free Kareem!! Egyptian Blogger on trial.

Here we go again!

Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman (Kareem Amer), a 22 year old Egyptian blogger was arrested on Nov 6th, 2006 for posting essays, on his blog, that were critical of Islam and President Hosni Mubarak.

His trial began on January 18th, 2007 with the verdict to be announced on February 22nd. He faces up to 11 years in prison for merely voicing his opinion!
There were other bloggers arrested last year, however all have been released save Kareem, who was the only one critical of Islam.

To read more about Kareem go to FreeKareem. There are several on-line petitions you can sign.
If Freedom of Speech means anything to you, please act now.


Anonymous said...

I think it stinks that a country would react to someone blogging. But, freedom of speech is an American thing and they haven't thrown out their nit wits yet so they deserve what they get.

Free incognito! Free incognito! said...

Incognito is an American actress who is unable to express her opinions in the workplace.

It is highly likely that she will not be able to work again if she voices her opinions in the workplace.

There are other actors facing this same oppression, all they want to do is express their opinions openly.


Incognito said...

Freedom of speech should be a *global* right because *Freedom* itself is a God given right.

Who do you mean by *they*? And *they* deserve what? Not sure what that comment has to do with trying to save an Egyptian blogger from an 11 year jail term for merely expressing his opinion. Can you be more explicit, please?
Thank you.
This sounds like you Lambent, but I don't think it is.

Incognito said...

Ah, Lambent, nice to see you back, love.
Thanks for the laugh and the concern!
Perhaps you can get a petition going for me. And if I get enough signatures, I might just tell you who I am.

Lambent said...

That anonymous comment wasn't me, I'm afraid.

The next one was.

Lambent said...

I'm working on the signatures.

How many would I need for a naked photo? :)

MUD said...

Chill people it was me, MUD aka also known as Dennis. I was having a bad day and my computer didn't identify me and I forgot to put MUD at the end of my blog. My point is that Freedom isn't free and we have paid a high price for what we have. I am sorry that the Egyptians and msot of the rest of the middle east don't have freedom but there is just no way they are going to listen to us if they don't listen to their own people. I believe in a good fight but sometimes a good fight is just a bridge too far. MUD

Incognito said...

I figured the first one wasn't you, Lambent, but definitely the 2nd.
As for the signatures..way too many, dear.

Incognito said...

I thought it mught be you MUD, but it just didn't quite seem something you would say.

I don't know, MUD, about the 'fight'. Petitions have actually gotten people released, so any fight is a good fight. I'm surprised to hear that coming from you.

And the censorshop of bloggers is not just in the middle east, unfortunately. China does the same thing..
AHHHH... light bulb.... you meant throwing out the nitwits in the middle east? Now I think I get what you meant.
Problem is, if we don't deal with their problem, it might some day become our problem. It already is, in a way, where we are having to censor what we say about Muslims for fear of offending them.
Anyway, hope you don't have any more bad days.

Bert Bananas said...

Does Freedom of Speech protect someone who, facing unpopularity for doing so, refuses to participate in the call for 'action'?

What if you genuinely worried about spreading yourself too thin?

Incognito said...

Hello Bert. Hmmm.
Call for action? spreading too thing? not sure what you are referring to.