Saturday, February 03, 2007

Manipulating the Palestinian situation

Found this photograph on the website of someone who recently left a comment, with the following caption: "And if you don't think that Israeli tank will fire, you're not as smart as these Palestinian children."

Now I don't know where he found this photo, but any fool can tell it has been photo-shopped. Note the darker blue colour surrounding the tank. It is even more evident when you enlarge the photo. Truly amazing what lengths they will go to malign the Israelis. People aren't idiots. We are becoming more savvy when it comes to photo manipulation, and there certainly has been a plethora of it in recent months.

Now, I could be wrong about this photo, but I sincerely doubt it.


Streichholzschaechtelchen said...

I don't know about manipulation of this photo, but I do know it could be true. Ever travelled or worked in the occupied territories, where children fight tanks with stones?

Just compare the number of deaths and casualties, or as some governments like to call it, collateral damages, of the first Intifadah and the last Israeli-Palestinian war. Take a guess... 50/50, 75/25, 99/1? Getting closer…

I believe every human on this planet has the same aim... peace for there families, shelter, food and a positive out look in the future. With a tank in you neck and the dust in your thought it's probably not that easy to keep a positive view.

One of many war theories (I don't have a link by hand but find it out if you are interested) says, that one pulling trigger of war is a high number of unemployed men without future. Look to the suburbs of Paris, the deserted cities of East Germany, Palestine or suburbs of the USA... it's not a happy future.

I worked in may places in the Middle East and Asia, war zones and disaster areas, and I learned one thing quite fast, every mother, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, you name it, loves her child. And yes, you are right, people aren't idiots... the manipulation goes on at all ends of the ideological combat zone. At the time of the Muhammad cartoon conflict I drove down Constitution Road in Islamabad, Pakistan and saw a small demonstration of 100 people, some posters, an hour later the demonstration turned against the government and a new law concerning water rights. The only way to get an anti-government demonstration approved in Pakistan is to cover it up. In the evening I saw on all major international news channels reports on an anti-cartoon demonstration. The pictures looked like thousands of very angry men (and they had all right to be angry as feudal landlords stole their water), no comments on the change of reason.

The Middle East is not ready for democracy? That's probably even right. But look at our (we: West) allies: Sadam Hussain as long as he was useful, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Suharto, all these nice uncles who just want the best of there people.

Sometimes its better to just look some pink panther cartoons and light up and let the sun be what he is... a warm planet... but we are getting there as well, now worries!

Salamu Alaikum! Shalom Alaikem!

Yours truly,

ps: And I actually agree with some of your other postings no ideological combat zone here, just pure partial opinion who is a constant guest in other peoples miseries.

Anonymous said...

THE FIRST COMMENTER SAID, "I believe every human on this planet has the same aim... peace for there families, shelter, food and a positive out look in the future. With a tank in you neck and the dust in your thought it's probably not that easy to keep a positive view."
How can you say this when there are a lot of children that blow them selves up to kill others. Only a fool lives in this ideal. Having been in wars starting with Vietnam, I know there are people that will strap bombs on their children to kill others because of their own crappy ideals. The tank is a good picture to inflame others but not a very realistic thing to inforce policy.
You can only believe about 10% of what you read and even less of what you see. MUD

Liberal White Boy said...

I'm sure it was a photo cropped D9 Caterpillar tractor that ran over our American sister Rachel Corrie in the Gaza ghetto too. Time to come out of the fog girl. Sorry, I forgot we can't talk about that in the land of the free now can we?

Incognito said...

well, LWB, can you explain the darker blue coloring around the tank? It's a dark blue square. Seems very odd to me.

And yes, there have been some terrible things that have happened, but the Palestinians have always been the initiators and there have been innocent Israeli women and children that have been massacred as well. Can you deny that?
I'm not the one in the fog. I see things very clearly. It is your hatred for the Israelis (and I would assume Jews) that clouds your judgement.
And I beg to differ, we CAN talk about these things in the land of the free. What do you think we are doing right now, eh?

I cannot agree less said...

It looks manipulated to me.

But then again, if we can manipulate things, why can't everyone else?

All that evidence for WMD's in Iraq turned out to be pure and utter fiction, and that wasn;t a little photo posted on someone's blog, that was broadcast live around the world.

Have you got the link to the picture/comment? I'd like to see it.

I couldn't agree less said...

Incognito said...

It's on Liberal White boys blog. Click on his name in the comment above and you can find it there. Not sure where he got it from, but it just seems odd.
And I will check the link you have here.
Cheers love did you get that hug ;-)

Incognito said...

Hello Streich,

I have travelled extensively, worldwide, but the middle east has never interested me. I don't fancy being forced to wear a hijab etc. and their treatment of women I find offensive.

I'm not sure what the numbers are so I can't comment on that, but I do know that unfortunately the Palestinians have no regard for life, including their own. What other culture would encourage their children to become suicide bombers. Who kills others from their own religion because they happen to be from a different sect. or political party? In civilized countries we don't go around bombing people from other religions and political parties.

And I would agree with you that one of the major factors in the radicalization of the Muslim youth is poverty and ignorance. But in the middle east it's their ruling class. And outside of the M.E. it's because they refuse to integrate and assimilate.

Again, I wouldn't say every mother loves her children, but for the most part, yes, they do. And I do think, that for the most part, most humans want peace. There are some people and cultures, though, that seem unable to live in peace. I have talked about that on my blog. Hatred and anger that is passed down from generation to generation and becomes so inbred that they are unable to release it from their hearts. So they will continue to kill each other, because it's the only thing they know. It's very sad.
Because, I think it's important to see the good in people. Though difficult when there's not much good to be seen.
Blessings and thanks for stopping by,
p.s. was surprised at your p.s. ;-) but glad to hear you agreed with some of my posts.

Incognito said...

Amen, MUD.

Lambent said...

Yeah, cheers for the hug.

Despite being a pretty liberal thinker, I've got to say that Liberal White Boy is offering up some outrageous stuff on his blog - very funny indeed. Talk about one extreme to another here. I'd like to see you two get together for a chat. (Or a bout of mud wrestling would be fun, too.)

Could this be arranged? Perhaps a live webcast would be an idea.

On another note, I just read your profile again and find it hard to understand how you can be so positive that you're living in a free country and yet are unable to let your views known to people in case you get blackballed? Do you really have to be that incognito over there in the USA? You really can't express yourself or your opinions because you might get blackballed? Doesn't sound like freedom to me, sounds like you're verging on being persecuted there.

It must be frustrating for you, I hope you manage, one day, to struggle through this horror. One day you will be able to express your views, in the open. If you fight those terrible liberal actors, you will win.

Incognito said...

Well, glad to see even you can see through the fog of ultra-liberalism Lambent.

As for the chat etc. well....then i wouldn't be incognito anymore, would I, but it would be interesting.

and, you make a good point, but when I speak of freedom I am referring to the ability to criticise our government without fear of retribution. If I was in Iran or China I'd be in jail for writing this blog, and yet you can find a zillion leftwing blogs flourishing quite well, thank you, here. That's really my point. The enttertainment industry is a beast of it's own. And yeah, you'd think that because most of them are liberals they'd be more open and accepting of others, but they're just not. I'm sure there would be those who would still cast me, but some who would not. So. I'm slowly becoming more open about it. and I always win my argument, if they're open enough to listen.

Lambent said...

I really don;t have time to read stuff written by someone who hides behind a blog and doesn't have the courage to stand up for their on convictions (in public). Don't slag off anybody when you can't even do that.

It's pathetic.

Good luck and goodbye

Incognito said...

Well, Lambent, that's a little like pot/kettle/black. I had to press you for your blog site. And how many different names did you comment under, even after you had established who you were. I thought it was rather funny, and I never called it pathetic, but that's okay. I wish you well, too!

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Unbelievable.. nope entirely believable, up here in the Great White North we have to contend with the likes of - this is a far left "progressive" site that receives funding from the Canuck government (they will deny it but they do, long story) - check out the chat forums at its all Anti-Israel/Anti-USA all the time.

Incognito said...

Thanks for the info, BCF. Will check that site out, as well.
Interesting that the gov. funds it, in part.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Yup is run by Judy Rebick, far left professional feminist. They are set up as a not for profit so they can maintain "plausible" deniabilty about their funding. However under the guise of providing "Content" for they do in fact receive government,or should I say taxpayer, funds. is funded directly by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), it's the federal foreign aid branch. End result we have foreign aid dollars being spent on a domestic, politically partisan, web site - check out the forums at, some of the comments border on hate speech, but so long as the hate is directed against, religion, the U.S.A. and Israel anything goes.
Footnote - CIDA was set up by Maurice Strong - currently laying low in China, his name has turned up repeatedly in the Oil for Food scandal. He has an interesting past to say the least, yet another of Canada's unfortunate gifts to the world.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

I really should comment on your discussion with lamebent and will do so by way of this example. Someone I know very closely is a writer, in fact the first book she wrote was nominated for a GG - Governor Generals Award ( A big deal in Canada). Her second book did well also. She wrote a regular column for Canada's largest daily and earned a good living free lancing articles etc. She was an active member of the left, anti-war movement etc. Over time her faith and belief in the left soured and she became a staunch & vocal conservative. All her friends on the left, in the publishing world (as she then knew it) disowned her. Assignments dried up, She couldn't get work. All because she was no longer willing to keep quiet about what she felt in her heart and knew to be true.
Happy ending - she rebuilt her career as a free lancer, the world of "conservatism" welcomed her with open arms.
She invited me to attend a book launch recently, it was for Mark Steyn who admires her work and in fact has mentioned her in his most recent book America Alone.

You are wise to stay incognito, your profession does not know reason.

PS> no more long winded comments I promise - c ya later.

Incognito said...

BCF... took a peek at Wow. I see what you mean. Not even worth the time to try and enagage them, because it would fall on deaf ears. Amazing to see how duped and deluded they are.
Well I think every country has its unfortunate 'gifts'. Guess we can commiserate.

and interesting about your writer friend. Guess there is hope for them all. I was actually a liberal until after my college years.

I like Mark Steyn! And that's great your friend was able to create a niche for herself in the conservative world of writing. We have Libertas and, according to a friend of mine in L.A., the conservatives in the entertainment industry there are holding monthly networking meetings, so that's good news. But, I will continue to keep mum about my politics until I see the liberals are more open and accepting than they are now.

And no prob. with long comments.. any time :-)