Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Corruption Of Chavez And His Regime

Had an interesting lunch today with some family friends who live in Venezuela. The woman is probably in her late 70s early 80s, the husband 14 years older. Both Jewish, she was educated in communist Poland and, through indoctrination, considered herself to have communist tendencies, up until very recently. They've lived in Venezuela for many years now, and today she admitted that she actually voted for Chavez, the first go round. Although they are a very wealthy family, she believed what she now considers to have been Chavez propaganda. Totally disillusioned with him, she told me about all the corruption in the Chavez government. Her son actually worked in the Chavez government. Not sure he still does, though.

Besides the rampant poverty and crime, with kidnappings in vogue, the only thing she credits him with is his literacy campaign. All the other promises have remained just that. She told me that Chavez has access to all the money he wants because he virtually owns the banks, factor in his palace, and you have one very wealthy man. His cronies and all those who pander to him are also well taken care of. And then you have all the money he gives away to other countries, which she considers more propaganda.

With all the crime and corruption, Chavez goes out of his way to protect those who support him. Those from the opposition, are dealt a very heavy blow. I didn't have a chance to pump her for more information, but hopefully I will, next time.

She did say that it is miserable in Venezuela these days, thanks to Chavez!


Karen said...

Really interesting, first hand post, Incog! It wasn't much fun to live there in 1991, when I lived there less than a year, so I can only imagine how it has to be now with that demented fool in charge.

MondaythroughSunday said...

What an interesting post! You hear so much through the media..well lack of information and it is fun to hear something firsthand. Thanks for sharing!

WomanHonorThyself said...

wow Incog..what an interesting lunch!

MK said...

Yeah it's pretty bad over there, i have heard of shortages of basic staples, the food we take for granted. The only reason the country continues to bungle along is because of oil, otherwise Chavez would just be another tinpot dictator, killing off his opponents and rigging elections.

Pat Jenkins said...

go figure, a dictator lining his pockets!!! good you got to talk to them... i feel for 'em though. after the devulging of your lunch with poo i remember you sticking her with the tab. i fear the same thing has happened here. and you probably ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. leaving them more broke then if chavez had stole it himself!! hey a girls got to eat huh... ha ha.. he he!!!

Frasypoo said...

Wow !That was interesting!
I was going to add that I was probably the most boring friend you had tea with!!!
But i see PJ did better than I did !!!

Incognito said...

KAREN: It was interesting, considering she's wealthy, had communist tendencies and voted for him. We lived there for a year when I was a kid.. was fine back then.

MONDAY: I like to hear things first hand.. was grateful to have been able to pick her brain.. though really didn't have that much of an opportunity.

WOMAN: It was... had no idea she had voted for him.

MK: That's cos he sends money to other countries, including ours! It was interesting that this woman fell short of calling him a dictator, though I believe he is.

PATJ: His and his friend's pockets. well... it was a cup of coffee and I paid.. :-) the lunch my aunt paid for.. :-) and I usually order the cheapest thing. ;-D

FRASYPOO: Not at all Poo! I had a lovely time! Not boring at all.

Pat Jenkins said...

you must be a cheap date then incog. you shouldn't have any trouble findin ya a man if that be the case!! he he!!!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Let's not mince the words, he IS a tyrant, and would have become even more of it if not his failure to change the constitution.

People who bought his quasi-socialist crapola will still pay for it.

Anonymous said...

uh, maybe you should ask one of the poor people in venezuela about chavez rather than a rich person, who would make a tiny minority of the people in the country?

Incognito said...

PJ: I am a cheap date.. :-) and I still have a hard time finding myself a man.. Oh well.

SNOOPY: I agree with you, but she couldn't come out and admit he was a dictator. And she is paying for having voted for him in the past. She now realizes the error of her ways.

ANON:ANON: This is probably Liberal White Boy.....Uh... did you read the whole post... she voted for him!! She was a commie until very recently... Venezuela is a fricking mess... obviously the stupid poor people realize Chavez is an idiot and that's why his resolution to keep him in power indefinitely did NOT pass. People aren't getting the basics they need... that includes rich and poor alike.. so don't tell me he's great for the country because he isn't.