Sunday, January 27, 2008

Primaries, Caucuses and Polls, Say What??

I hate to sound like a broken record, but our electoral system stinks! It's in desperate need of a major overhaul, particularly the primaries, where we're treated to a hodgepodge of methods from which to choose our next presidential candidate. Scattered over a period of several months, there is little consistency in the various processes and we, the people, have absolutely no choice in the matter. From caucuses to actual primaries, they amount to nothing more than a personality contest, and who happens to have the most time and money to spend traipsing around the country campaigning for votes. It's all about visibility, and who happens to endorse whom. It rarely has anything to do with who is best suited for the position, although every once in a while the right choice skates through, in spite of the insanity that is our electoral system. Campaigning is all about making yourself known to the voting public whether through TV ads, or personal appearances, rallies, whatever it takes to keep yourself in people's minds. I have to do the same thing to make sure that directors and others remember I'm still alive. Out of sight, out of mind. And, it's obvious those with a smaller war chest have a far more challenging time keeping themselves viable.

Then you have the infamous polls, which are another major factor in shaping who eventually winds up as the nominee. And when you spread the elections over several months, the polls can be very detrimental. Sadly, people are very influenced by polls, and if they see their candidate of choice is lagging, they will opt for their 2nd choice. It's short-sighted and shows a lack of faith, but this, unfortunately, is what's happening with Rudy Giuliani- the best choice for this country, at this time in our history. I'm still voting for him this Tuesday, and I pray that he skates through with all the absentee ballots and early voting that has yet to be taken into account. Miracles happen and I refuse to give up.

I encourage all of you Rudy supporters to disregard the polls, or previous losses in other primaries and caucuses. Vote with your heart. Vote for Rudy this Tuesday, if you happen to be having a primary!

And if you're a democrat reading this, vote for Barack Obama! He's a far better choice than the poisonous Clinton Duo.

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MUD said...

Very well written. The fact that the primaries have little direct effect on the outcome of the National election does create an atmosphere of a popularity contest. On year, the Junior High I attended elected yogi, a three year old basset hound. Yes, they knew who it was and he had to come to school and decline. It was a laugh but I'm sure that my best friend who was not elected to the student council didn't think it was as funny. Sometimes we elect a peanut farmer from Georgia and sometimes we elect an actor who's best previous role was "Death Valley days". I think anyone that has or does serve in Washington should be thrown out and new people elected. Go Rudy. MUD

Pat Jenkins said...

let me play devil's advocate incog. it is believed that the one with most money will win. but doesn't the one with the biggest "chest" have it because he or she is the most sought after candidate? or favorite? i know romney in this cycle has done a majority of it himself. but an election before bush raised whole lotta dough. and it was because people "wanted" him to run. the same with hill and obama. yes or no?

Frasypoo said...

I' m with you.All the ladies on the fashion blogs like Obama.
The GA primaries are in February.It will be interesting

Karen said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Rudy tomorrow in Florida. I hope he can stay in and I'll be able to vote for him in our primary.

Righty64 said...

Another problem to blame Sen. "F--- You" McCain for. The so-called McCain-Feingold campaign finance "reform" has created this ridiculous process. There is no reason a candidate had to announce in 2007 he or she was running for president. But, alas, it happened. So, we have had to wait and see this process shake out. All I can say that just running the most "winnable" candidate is not any reason to vote for any candidate. And, that is what Sen. "F--- You" McCain wants us to do. But, I think those that vote for Mayor Rudy, and or Mr. Romney are saying that they want more. They want someone with a credible record of accomplishment. And both Mayor Rudy and Mr. Romney do. Sen. "F--- You" McCain is a great American, a war hero and dedicated public servant. But, if he thinks that smearing other Republicans, the latest being Mr. Romney, and so-called campaign finance reform are reasons to vote for him, he will be in for a shock tomorrow. And, while I hope that Mr. Romney finishes first, a good second will keep Mayor Rudy in for a while longer.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

You know as an outsider I can't help but wonder if people in the US are fatigued and desirous of "the least controverial" candidate. To me this would eliminate Obama and Hilly and may in fact smooth the way for either McCain or perhaps Romney.

lizze said...

I have to second that.

Lite today in Florida. Something with a wrong date and the Democratic voters / mandates doesn't count? This election has started, why does it matter which date it is?

How many millions lives in FL?

I'd say, one date & 50 states votes and 1 vote = 1 voter and none of the electoral stuff. The question is: why not have it this way?

I am so confused.

Except who I would vote for, if I could. I think when I am back from London and Barack is hopefully in the running for President, I'd like to the volunteer. It is a very American thing to do :)

Incognito said...

MUD: Thanks m'dear. But it does, in a sense that it weeds out, uneccesarily, worthwhile contenders. But I def. agree with your last comment. Interesting JR. High story.

PATJ: Well, not really.. Mitt has all that money cos it's his own. Giuliani was the top contender for a long while.. but didn't have enough money to truly play the field. Many people hate the Hill, but she's raised a ton of money. I dunno. There should be a cap on how much candidates spend.

FRASY: well, as many people say he's like the JFK of today. And he's certainly preferable over Hillary.

KAREN: Sigh.

RIGHTY: well.. he won.. and I still think he will get the nom. And I will vote for him rather than have Hillary and her hubby in the house.

BCF: Well, I hope you're right.. but we shall see. If Hill gets the nom, she's gonna get nastier and more evil.

LIZZE: I have no clue, Lizze. None if it makes any sense to me, and no-one can seem to explain it. So you're not alone. :-)
Go fir it.. I hope Obama wins the nom, but not the presidency.. ;-)

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Lizzie the reason I like the electoral college is that it keeps small states from getting screwed in a presidental election. Nobody would care about states like Nevada, Arizona, Montana etc., in an election strictly based on population because they simply don't have the population. All those small to mid-sized states matter with the system we have now because they add up very quickly. Yes, it's quirky but it's worked just fine for 200 years. I don't want the big states to decide who our president is going to be simply because they have more people. And John McCain does not have the same amount of money that Mitt has and it hasn't stopped him yet!

lizze said...

The Vegas Art Guy - I understand that it is important to take in consideration of the minorities.

But if there is not 1 man = 1 vote then there is not democracy to a 100%. As for electing a candidate for each party, then in my opinion it is straight forward popular vote.

I can understand that this system worked 200 year ago. But has not the society changed and developed? The system could change and be improved.

I am not from the US and I like to say that my country has it fault too with the election system.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Ah, but it's not a true democracy and the electoral college was built in to protect people from demagauges. One of the great fears of the founding fathers was the idea of the big states having all the say in government thereby screwing the small states. The reason the EC works is that the candidates have to pay attention to smaller states, thus making sure that everyone who bothers to vote has their vote counted.

Incognito said...

it still makes no sense.