Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30th, Day of Solidarity For The Imprisoned Iranian Students

Iranian students are still being arrested and imprisoned simply for holding peaceful demonstrations, so Persian bloggers and others are designating January 30th as a Day of Solidarity. This post is dedicated to those who yearn for freedom, but sadly do not have it.

We are so blessed and fortunate to be able to demonstrate peacefully, if we so choose, without being slammed in prison, and then left there to languish.

The following are only some of the many yound students still incarcerated:

Arash Paknejad (m), Mozandaran University
Saeid Habibi (m), as member of student’s human rights reporters
Anoshe Azadbar (f), Tehran University
Elinaz Jamshidi (f), Azad University of central Tehran student of communication
Mehdi Gerilo (m), Tehran geophysics center
Nader Ahseni (m), Mazandaran University
Behroz karimizade (m), Tehran University
Nasim Soltan-beigi (f), Alame Communication University
Ali Sa`lem (m), Polytechnic University, student of Master degree in polymer
Mohsen Qanim (m), Polytechnic University
Rozbeh Saf-Shekan (m), Tehran University
Yaser (Sadra) Pirhaiaty (m), Shahed University
Saeid Aqam-Ali (m), Yazd University
Ali Kolaee` (m), Azad University of Shahriar City
Amir Mehrzad (m), (high School Student)
Hadi Salary (m), Rajaey University
Farshid Ahangaran(m), Rajaey University
Amir Aqai (m), Rajaey University
Milad Omrani (m), Rajaey University
Keivan Amir Eliasy (m), Master of industrial engineer
Soroush Hashem-poor (m), Ahvaz University
Farshad Doosti-poor (m)
Sohrab Karimi (m)
Javad Alizade (m)
Mohammad Salleh Auman (m)
Mehdi al-lahyari (m), Sharif industrial University, student of master degree
Rozbehan Amiri (m), Tehran University, Student of computer sciences
Bahram Shojaee (m), Tehran-south Azad University, Student of Chemistry engineer
Saied Aqakhani (m)
Majid Ashraf Nejad (m)
Peiman Piran (m), by other student report about him*
Aabed Tavanche (m), Polytechnic University
Soroosh Dastestany (m)
Amin Qazaei (m)
Bijan Sabaq (m), Mazandaran University
Anahita hosini (f), Tehran University
Morteza Khedmatlo (m)
Mohamad Pour Abdol-lah (m), Tehran University
Bita Samimi-zad (f), Polytechnic University
Behzad Baqery (m), Mazandaran University
Soroosh Sabet (m), Sharif University
Morteza Eslahchi (m), Allame University
Mostafa Shirvani (m)

From Kamangir's blog:

"In the past month and half, many students from different cities and universities have been arrested, on charges related to holding peaceful ceremonies for the celebration of the 7th of November, the National Day for Students. They have been behind the bars since. During
these days, their families have not been able to visit them and only some of them have been given the chance to have short phone calls with the inmates. This has caused a lot of anxiety and tension for the families and has resulted in their many protests in order to pressure the government to release the students, to no avail.

We honor the freedom-loving students of Iran, some of whom are also
bloggers, and thus on January 30th we rename our blogs to “Bloggers’ Solidarity with Imprisoned Iranian Students”.

Our hopes and prayers are with the students and their families.

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

Thanks Incog!

Frasypoo said...

And thats the young brains that the country has and instead of utilising that resource they are jailing them...sad

Pat Jenkins said...

thanks for bringing the "rest" of the world back to my attention incog. i have been so caught up in the following of our presidential race it is easy to forget the atrocities still taking place around the globe!!

Karen said...

Great reminder of our blessings as we complain and bemoan our electoral process. We have much to be thankful for here.

American Interests said...

Enlightening Incog, thanks...

MUD said...

I want unity in the Republican party so we don't have to look at Hillary for 8 years. Hell, Iran improsoned our diplomatic people for a couple of years why would they treat their own different? MUD

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Wow..we are so sheltered here in the USA. We can blog so freely. Thank you for bringing this to may attention.

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Thanks for sharing this Incog~!