Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rudy G- He's The Prez For Me!

No apologies here, but I am officially endorsing Rudy Giuliani, for all that's worth- considering how terribly he's been doing! I think he's the best man for the job, and I'm absolutely appalled that Ron Paul, of all people, has been garnering more votes!

What is wrong with the Republican voters? I'm not terribly thrilled with McCain either, but I would vote for him to ensure Hillary does not win the presidency. But, if Huckabee or Paul (for some insane reason) wins the nomination, that's it for me. I will write in Giuliani, and once that's done, I'll become an Independent.

Chatterboxchronicles, a fellow Rudy-lover, has a great run-down on why she's voting G. I couldn't have written it any better.


MUD said...

New York City? People out here in the Heartland just don't trust anyone from NEW YORK CITY! I wish him well. MUD

Righty64 said...

NO, DO NOT BECOME AN INDEPENDENT!!! If you do, then you give in to those forces that you think are doing wrong by the GOP! I have a lot of problems with Mayor Rudy, but I think that he would be a much better choice than Sen. "F--- You" McCain. And yes, I share your being disturbed that Herr Ron Paul is getting more votes than Mayor Rudy. Even more disturbing is that Herr Paul finished SECOND in the Nevada caucus voting yesterday. Hell, Herr Paul even took fast-growing Nye county near Las Vegas. UGH! But, I do not think you have to worry. I think that Rudy will have his fair share of victories leading up to the Republican convention in St. Paul. Also, I am curious and can not wait to see if the Florida strategy works. Whatever happens, rest assured that Herr Paul and or the Rev. Mike will not be anywhere near the party nomination. I think you can live with Mitt Romney, even John "F--- You" McCain or Fred Thompson, who may not matter much. I know that I could. I hope Mayor Rudy does have a good showing in Florida.

Renegade Eye said...

Rudy has too much baggage to win the nomination.

McCain will win the GOP nomination. I always thought so. He is the heir.

Obama defeated himself. He is not running against the GOP. The Dems want a fighter now, not a compromiser.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Incog!..I met him a few times ya know..ty for stoppin by at my place..missed ya!

Pat Jenkins said...

wow i am with 64 on this one incog. an independent?.... please do not take this in the wrong way, but have you become a one issue voter?.. yes the war on terror is a big issue, and it will not go away, but the fight for individual freedoms, whether it be a physical threat, by terrorism, or a movement to take away ones right for empowerment are both under attack. both of these are what the conservative movement is about and both are in want of defending. this election will be as much about keeping conservative principles among the like minded as much as stopping the left. so we need all the fighters for the cause we can find. which means you can not go independent.. ha ha!!

MondaythroughSunday said...

McCain..if that man gets nominated..I will kidding..sob... if I have to vote for him.......wolf in sheeps in republican clothing...

Karen said...

Good for you, Incog! While I won't leave my party - I refuse to let the foolish in my party win out - I will be disappointed if we can't get better organized. I tired of so much of the nonsense out there. You know I'm a Rudy gal, too, but I can accept any but Paul or Huckabee. Blech.

I still plan to vote for Rudy in my state primary, it's not until March 4, though.

Hang in there, sister!

Frasypoo said...

Hi Incog
for a while me and hubby favored Huckabee but dont think he is strong enough but Rudy has our votes too!!I think the Rudy likers are the strong but silent types !!!

kodiak73 said...

Now that Fred's gone, Rudy's my number 2 with Mitt being number 1(and my list ends there). Some see Mitt's money as a bad thing, I see it as an asset. As a lot of folks on our side have held on to their wallets this cycle, Mitt is the only one that can keep pace with a highly motivated Dem party in funding. Perhaps I am blinded by our shared religion but I think it actually allows me to see Mitt's policies MORE clearly not LESS. I think the flip-flop tag has stuck to him because people see it as a conveinient surrigate to admitting they are biased - jmho.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that Mitt or Rudy would be FAR better than what the DEMS are throwing out there.

Incognito said...

MUD: Yeah, it's too bad they feel that way, cos I think he has a lot going for him.

RIGHTY: I won't but I do get tired of the one-issue Republicans, which I am not one of PJ! ;-) I'm not sure he is going to win the nom here, and then I think that's it for his campaign. considering his low votes in those other places. I think he miscalculated, sadly. As for ron Paul. I have seen a bunch of Paul placards, a few romney, 1 mccain and that's it, on the streets. scary.

REN: I hope you're wrong, but you're probably right. And I think mccain is going to win it, as well. Obama still has a chance, considering how the clintons are conducting themselves..

WOMAN: How fun. I really like him.

PATJ: No, and of course, not, abut I do think defense is the most important issue on the table these days. I will always fight the good fight, cos it's important.. if i don't, i have no reason to complain.

MONDAY: Still think mccain will be better than hillary. but not thrilled with him either. we shall see what transpires.

KAREN: I won't either, but it is frustrating, as you said in your blog. Please do, I just hope he doesn't drop out before that, if he loses here.

FRASY: So glad to hear it Poo! Huckabee is another carter.

KODIAK: Well, I have no problem with Mitt, I just prefer Rudy. :-) so will back Mitt if he wins the nom. and yeah, infinitely better than the Dems, just hope people see it that way, as well!!

Blazing Cat Fur said...

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