Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Iowa What?

Okay, maybe it's just me, but who cares (no offense) who the Iowans vote for in their caucus? And perhaps it's because, although American, I wasn't raised in this country, I'm still trying to figure out what on earth a "caucus" is anyway, and why does everyone seem to think they're so important? And why Iowa?

Turns out Obama and Huckabee won (whatever that means), but as history has demonstrated in the past, it means not a whit. Anything could happen between now and the primaries, and hopefully it will. As for the choice of Huckabee, I think the Iowan Republicans who happened to show up are lacking (no offense) in taste and good judgement. Huckabee would be as disastrous for this country as would any of the democrats. Many people have likened him to Jimmy Carter, and we certainly do not need another Carter in office.

I could be wrong, but this is my prediction as of today. On a programme last night, some Iowa caucus-goers felt that Fred Thompson seemed tired and disinterested- I think he might drop out and throw his support elsewhere. Although I have decided to vote for Giuliani, I don't think he'll get the nom. So, the winner is............. John McCain.

I predict the nom will be John McCain and Joe Lieberman ( or maybe, just maybe Fred) as his veep.

And, I have a feeling John just might become our next Prez.

We shall see.

But at this point in time, the race is wide open, and who knows who will eventually reach the winning line.


Lizze said...

Why can't all states have this Primary election (no idea what caucus is .... this is for who is going to get the Dem and Rep nomination for the Presidential election right?) on the same day?

One day and get this over and done with ... with a popular vote?

If I could vote, I'd go for Obama - that has not changed :)

Troika said...

I was watching Fox news this morning (YUK) and they tried to explain this caucus mumbojumbo stuff.

I am pig-ignorant of it, but it seems that the republicans do a better job of it than the democrats, who have to stand in a corner or something and hold their hand up and jump up and down like they are still in kindergarten. The whole thing just seems ridiculous.

Why doesn't the party elect a leader and then the people elect a party? This seems to be a whole lot more sensible than leaving the decision to a bunch of people with one ear bigger than the other and Adam's apples the size of footballs.


American Interests said...

A McCain Lieberman ticket hmmm sombody laughed at me when I suggested this some 3 weeks ago. Good post incog

Oh and incidently, off topic... the world's gone mad!

Pat Jenkins said...

boy you ain't nothin but a iowa playa hata incog.... i kid.. boy the scenerio you predict ain't nothin to get excited about... think of this on polling day. the huckster or hillary. the huckster or obama. now that is something staying home for!! ha ha!!

Frasypoo said...

I believe that Iowa doesnt mean anything too but I am so glad that Hillary came in third !!!!

MUD said...

Or, how about a ticket that includes McCain and say Colin Powell? Iowa is just too middle of the road to reflect what the real world will vote for. Fred Thompson is an old man and his demeanor reflects his age.
I often wonder why a candidate doesn't pick a running mate and have them fight for a nomination. Looks like a two person ticket could spread out the voter pool and perhaps deepen it. Oh well, good post. Happy New Year. MUD

Karen said...

I've come to the same conclusion. Now that I realize that Rudy won't go the distance, McCain is my guy. I'm loving that Lieberman is campaigning for him. He's a class act, that's for sure.

Now, I'm waiting for McCain to win N.H. and take some of the wind out of Huckster's sails.

MondaythroughSunday said...

McCain..gag! What a sad election day that will be...

Aurora said...

Sorry Incog., but I can't stand Giuliani. This may seem a bit irrational but I can't stand his mocking smirk. I've seen him laugh and mock other (Republican) candidates and I feel like slapping him. And he's wrong on all the moral issues. I'm not too thrilled with the idea that 6 million unborn children are being slaughtered in the U.S. every year and there are millions of Americans who feel just as strongly as I do which makes Giuliani and his bold pro-abortion stance repugnant and Giuliani unelectable by the Conservative community; not to mention that he wants to take Americans' guns. Self defense is a second amendment right. You'd be missing that right if someone broke into your home wanting to slaughter your family one by one. We don't have that here in Australia and injustice goes unchecked all the time as a result. And pretty much for similar reasons, I'm not too impressed with McCain (though he's less blatant at least). There are more social conservatives in the U.S. than we realize and neither of these is appealing to that sector of society (including me). On the other hand, I'm not crazy about Huckabee either. It's really unfortunate Fred Thompson doesn't seem to have the momentum to get in the race. I don't know many people who dislike him. He seems to fit the classic conservative bill.
As an American/Australian living in Australia, I'm going to vote anyway just to fight Obama or Clinton (both odious) but I'll be dragging my feet if it isn't a social conservative on offer.

Righty64 said...

Sorry Incog, but don't count on Sen. McCain being the nominee. He is still out of money and even if he wins in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney comes in second. Mr, Romney will have come in first, in Wyoming, or second, in Iowa or maybe New Hampshire. Oh, and because those "independents" might have voted for Sen. McCain in 2000, I think they are going to stir the pot in the Democrat primary to deliver another crushing blow to Sen. Clinton. Less "independents" = more Republicans = more votes for Mr. Romney. Because Sen. McCain has staked it all in New Hampshire, he will fade away here too. And, do not count Rudy out yet. I think he is in for the long haul. His strategy is different, but may work somewhat. I still say, Mitt is going to be the nominee.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hi there Incog..what country were ya raised in? :)

Incognito said...

LIZZE: I have no idea why they have caucuses... and yes, it is. They have different ones, apparently, but not every state has one. Still totally confused.. but... As for Obama... glad you can't vote ;-)

TROIKA: And yes, it appears the Republican's have simplified the system.

AI: T'wasn't I! :-) who knows.. the race is wide open at this point.. and anything can happen. AS for that link... how shameful. But a similar thing happened at one of our airports, though I can't remember which.

PATJ: Guess I am... :-) no, just doesn't make sense. I agree.... not sure what I will do if that happens.

FRASY: Me too... she must be livid... but this only means the claws and everything else will come out full force.

MUD: Oh, I love Colin Powell,, but not sure he'd be interested. I'd have voted for him for Prez. Yeah... would be a good idea... but... And Happy to you too!!

KAREN: We shall see what happens... anything can happen between now and then. Should be very interesting.

MONDAY: I dunno...still not sure about McCain.. but ...

AURORA: I've seen them all do it, though...I agree, but I think the social issues are the least of our worries at this point in time... with Muslim fundamentalists breathing down our throats. I just want someone who is going to take care of national security.
Is he really anti-gun? Although, there are quite a few social conservatives who are supporting Giuliani, simply because of his strength when it comes to defense... Lots of people wanted Thompson.. including me.. maybe because he's a fellow actor... but I don't think his heart's in it.

RIGHTY64: We'll see.. maybe my predicitions will be wrong.. but I just have a feeling.. Wel, I hope Rudy's not out.. but that's just me. I'm voting for him anyway.

Dee said...

Amazingly, the race is still fluid. I am for Rudy also and not sure about his chances but Huckabee or McCain both make me want to puke. I'd much rather have Rudy, Fred or even Romney.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

If a Democrat is elected President - I am moving to Canada - I mean it too!

Incognito said...

DEE: It certainly is... who knows what's going to happen.

BCF: Doh. I'll move with you. ;-)
Keep checking your blog to see if you're back.. we miss you.

MondaythroughSunday said...

You are partly right...*sigh*