Friday, September 06, 2013

CAIR Gets Walmart Manager Fired For Facebook Comment

So Walmart assistant manager Terry Earsing posted a photo (that he allegedly did not take) on his Facebook page of what appears to be several niqab-clad Muslim women shopping in the Hamburg, NY store with the following:

"Halloween came early this year ... do they really have to f**kin dress like that ... your [sic] in my country ... get that f**kin s*** off!!!!!!"
Not surprisingly, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) stepped in demanding discipline, and the man was fired.

CAIR published a statement on its website that includes the following:
"We urge Walmart to send the message that all customers, regardless of religion or national origin, must be safe from harassment and intimidation by employees," says CAIR-NY Board President Ryan Mahoney.
Full statement here.

I'd like to know how those particular women were being harassed or intimidated when you can't even tell who they are, and there is no indication that they were harassed or intimidated on store property, although if that were the case the firing would have been justified.  And it's not like he was advocating violence or deportation of Muslims.  I have seen far worse comments (which have actually made me cringe) on anti-Muslim Facebook pages.

I feel the same way about women in the West wearing niqabs. Hijab it all you like, but niqabs and burqas (and hijabs) are not an Islamic duty, though many in the Muslim community would have us believe it is.

Whether you think what he wrote was tacky or not, we have the right to be critical, although those rights are quickly being eroded thanks to organizations like CAIR, and Earsing certainly did not deserve to lose his job over that.

Bottom line, keep your opinions off social media, or write anonymously, and say bye-bye to freedom of speech.

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