Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Video: Anwar Sadat's Daughter Camelia On The Terrorism Within The Muslim Brotherhood

Camelia Sadat, the daughter of the third President of Egypt Anwar Sadat, has some interesting things to say about Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Regarding the recent bloodshed- she places partial blame on her father for releasing the Islamists from jail back in the day because he believed that "they could join the fabric of Egyptian society again."  As a result he was assassinated.

She talks about the "terrorism within"  which is ultimately destroying them.

"They will never change."

She says it all starts with their pledge to the General Guide which has them with one hand on the Quran and the other on a pistol.

Some history on Camelia, who was married off at 12 by her father, and back in 2002 was practically destitute and living in the U.S. Couldn't find any recent information on her, other than the snippet of an interview below.

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