Monday, September 09, 2013

The Dark Side Of Syria's Rebel Fighters

This is what many of the rebels fighting in Syria are all about. Those same people that Barack Obama and John McCain want to aide:

Video from Jarablus, Syria (on the border with Turkey) of a room full of confiscated Christian bibles and communion bread with a sign that states that these things (referring to the Bibles etc.) are far more dangerous than chemical weapons. In other words, Christians are far more of a threat with their evangelizing than chemical weapons. And if that's the case, what will happen to Christians in Syria if the Syrian jihadists win the fight. "Mujahideen from the Islamic State" [in Iraq and the Levant] are responsible for the confiscation.

And this German video shows Turkey's complicity in allowing the slew of foreign jihadist terrorists (including an American and a Canadian) flowing into Syria. Why? Turkey wants Bashar al Assad gone, and it figures the jihadists will accomplish that.  The Turks obviously don't care what happens to the country once Assad is gone. And the opposition seems to be overrun by Islamists with a few rebel fighters still actually fighting for democracy.  They are stuck in the middle between extremists on the one hand, and dictator Assad's forces on the other, and are just as liable to get targeted by the jihadists. By the way, the Canadian's suicide bomb mission in Damascus managed to blow up women and children.

Video that chronicles how Syrian rebels executed 51 soldiers who had surrendered.

Go to YouTube and search for Syrian rebels kill civilians and you will find a ton of graphic videos of senseless violence all perpetrated by the opposition against civilians and Christians.

Not that Assad has not willfully and mercilessly killed his own people, he has. But the rebels are far more brutal, and as the bearded Californian jihadist in the German video puts it:   "They love life. I love death."

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