Saturday, September 21, 2013

French Mum Gets Fined For Son Jihad's "I Am A Bomb" T-Shirt

Remember Bouchra Bagour, the stupid French mum who went to trial- with her brother Zeyad- for sending her 3-year-old son Jihad to nursery school last September sporting a T-shirt with "I am a bomb" inscribed on the front, and "Jihad, born September 11" (which he was) on the back?

The T-shirt was apparently a gift from the kid's equally stupid uncle, and both were facing jail sentences and fines for "apologie de crime" (condoning, defending a criminal act).  Mommy claimed it was "tactless" but not a provocation, and Zeyad said he had no ulterior motives.

Well the verdict is in: they were both found guilty, but lucked out with suspended jail sentences, and a 2,000 euro fine for Bouchra, and 4,000 euro fine for Zeyad.

Who knows where the truth actually lies, but both were incredibly stupid to send the kid to school wearing something like that.

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