Tuesday, September 03, 2013

"Swan" Detained In Egypt For Spying Not A Swan Or Spy

It's Egypt's turn to roam into the realm of the ridiculous. A few days ago an Egyptian man dragged a "Swan" over to his local police station because he believed it to be a spy. The man lives 280 miles from the capital so I suppose one can excuse his ignorance. The authorities released the bird after they determined that the electronic thingamabob (actually a tracking device) attached to it was harmless. What's even more amusing is the fact that although identified as a swan the alleged spy was actually a stork. From France.

It's not the first time a bird has been accused of spying.  In the past, however, it has always been blamed on the "Zionist" Israelis.

Most recently Turkey detained- and then released- a Kestrel for allegedly spying for Israel, a vulture was caught in Sudan in 2012, and in 2011 Saudi Arabia also arrested a vulture for spying, although it was eventually pardoned and set free.

Photo of the jail "bird" here.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

The stork and the kestrel I can vouch for, but the vulture... it was a bit stinky :-)

Incognito said...

Hahaha.... vultures, of all things.