Sunday, September 08, 2013

Creepy Video- Egyptian Kid Asks People If They Know What The Holocaust Was

Here's a creepy little video of a young Egyptian boy on a show titled "Anybody Knows?" taking his question "What is the Holocaust?" to the streets. 

Many of those questioned claim not to know, and most of those who do actually know bring up the fact that there are people who dispute the numbers. Then there's the hijab-clad Holocaust denier with her niqab-clad buddy standing next to her. No surprises there.

Where the creep factor comes in? The chipper musical underscoring, and the cute kid smiling throughout the piece, especially at the end after he explains that "In the Holocaust, lots of people were rounded up and killed."


Brianna Siegrist said...

What in the actual heck is going on in this video? Is it for a children's show? If not, why would they have a child do this? What is the point they're trying to make? That people don't know about the Holocaust? Or the opposite? Are they trying to show how "right," they are that so many people don't know, or refuse to believe that there actually was one? I have so many questions, these barely begin to cover the dumbfoundedness I'm feeling.

Incognito said...

Brianna... I have no clue, but the way it's handled makes a mockery of it.