Thursday, January 08, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Gunman Was Hash Smoking, Hip Hop/Rapper Wannabee

Long before he allegedly gunned down innocents at the Charlie Hebdo offices, Paris-born 32-year-old Cherif Kouachi was a hash-smoking, hip-hop/rapper wanna-be. Until he found radical Islam. His affiliation with extremist groups dates back to 2008. He was sentenced to 3 years, with 18 months suspended. Prior to his arrest, he had hopes of heading on out to Iraq to join al-Qaeda.  He was again arrested in 2010 when it was thought he might be affiliated with a group planning a prison break of a jailed Islamist.

It beggars the question...  why was he not still in jail, or under surveillance.

More on the brothers Kouachi.

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