Sunday, January 04, 2015

ISIS Publishes Mommy's Guide To Raising Jihadi Babies

ISIS has allegedly published a mother's guide to raising future jihadis.

"The Islamic State has released a guidebook for young mothers with “helpful tips” on how to raise a Mujahid Child, outlining techniques they believe will develop the body and jihadi spirit of the new generation of extremist fighters.

Entitled Sister’s Role in Jihad, the latest propaganda move by the extremist organization tries to convince their loyal followers that the “most important” role women can play in Jihad is to raise their kids “not only in spirit”, but also to develop their physical ability and training.

The key to success, IS argues lies in introducing these values in them while they are babies. “Don't wait until they are seven to start, for it may be too late by then!,” the handbook that recently surfaced online states.

It encourages the jihadi mothers to tell bedtime stories about extremist fighters, while completely banning TV, which the guide says results in “mental and physical loss.” The only thing it allows, is the use of multimedia that will strengthen their “jihadi spirit.”
Instead of the Muslim equivalent to "Green Eggs and Ham", they're being told to share with their kiddies military books with pictures, and to check out videos, CDs, and websites etc. And we know what that means. Videos of beheadings. That's the mind control aspect of the training. Then there's the physical training.

In addition, the handbook advises mothers to make “a makeshift enemy” or a punching bag for building the child's strength and to “control and direct their anger.”
In terms of physical training, IS encourages mothers to introduce their young ones to “target-shooting”, through toy guns and toy military sets. The Islamic State argues that darts, for instance, develops a good hand-eye coordination. Adding military games, the guidebook says, should increase the toddler’s interest in military matters and will allow practice time of mothers in front of their kids using their toys.
IS also believes that complete child soldiers should also be able to perform martial arts, be capable swimmers, drivers and horse-back riders with refined archery skills. Ability to navigate oneself in an unfamiliar environment is also expected, with camping encouraged.
Then again, the Palestinians have been doing this for decades.

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