Saturday, January 17, 2015

Paris Massacres Blamed on Jewish Shape-Shifters

You can rest assured that whenever some horrific Islamist terrorist act (or actually any violent act) occurs, the conspiracy theorists crawl out of their caves and start blaming events on either the Jews, the Illuminati, or the U.S. government. Or a combination of all three. And yes, the Charlie Hebdo, and Kosher deli massacres in Paris are no different. This time, it's being blamed on the Jews and in one case on magical Jewish shape-shifters by one French-Algerian wacko.

A Daily Beast reporter told MSNBC that she had received that explanation while surveying people about the attacks that left 17 people dead, including four Jewish men, in Paris’s immigrant sections.
Many people, Dana Kennedy said, were of the opinion that Jews had staged the series of deadly terror incidents to make Muslims look bad, though one went even further with his explanation.
“One person told me that they weren’t just regular Jews that were doing this but in fact but a race of magical shape-shifting Jews that were master manipulators that could be everywhere at the same time,” Kennedy said.
In spite of the fact that Cherif and Said Kouachi were avenging their Prophet Mohammed, al-Qaeda in Yemen claimed responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and Amedy Coulibaly was an ISIS member who hated Jews.

Kennedy has some interesting things to say about those French Muslims. Those wretched Muslim ghettos they're supposed to be living in?  Not so bad.

Kennedy also reported that the housing projects where many Muslim immigrants live, and that are often described as being so downtrodden they provoke desperate acts by residents, appear to be much better than poor housing projects in other places around the world, including the US.
“It was shocking to see these young Muslims with so much hatred towards the Jews and also to America, and they are also in areas that are portrayed as being these desperate areas but in fact they don’t look really so terrible,” Kennedy said.
But it's not just Muslims who blame things on Jews. Many non-Muslim Western conspiracy theorists do the same thing.

More here.  Video with Kennedy.

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