Monday, January 12, 2015

Tunisian Cleric Who Praised Europe's Tolerance, Preaches Death For Cursing Mohammed

On December 27th, a video posted on the Internet shows Tunisian Sheikh Bechir Ben Hassen in front of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. He praises Europe for allowing Muslims the freedom to preach their faith in Islam, to wear what they want, for "unfettered" freedom of speech.

"One finds here a considerable measure of justice, which in many Muslim societies was lost under the pretext of fighting terrorism and fanaticism. They themselves have descended into anti-religious extremism and fanaticism. When freedoms are denied when people are oppressed, and when scholars and preachers are silenced, one should not wonder about the spread of extremism and takfir, which lead to terrorism."
I'm not sure what "societies" he's referring to, but it's the extremist preachers who are not silenced who are the ones radicalizing the youth of today.

He also talks about the importance of teaching children the notion of moderate Islam. Blablabla.Then MEMRI shows another clip posted on the Internet on December 24, where this 'moderate' Muslim talks about Tunisia being a Sunni country, and that the Shiites have no right to be there, claiming they pose a greater threat to Islam than the Jews and Christians. He also states that wherever there are Shiites, stability and security are

"shattered, and crimes, attacks, and bloodshed appear on the scene."

Really? Let's see what brand of Islam all the most violent extremist groups belong to:

ISIS are Sunni.
Al Qaeda are Sunni.
Taliban - Deobandi Sunni.
Boko Haram - Sunni.
Al Shabaab - Deobandi Sunni.

 MEMRI video here, with both clips back to back.

And then we see that same preacher- who stood in the snow in The Hague talking about the wonders of freedom of speech in Europe- preaching about death for anyone who curses the prophet Mohammed. He asserts that this is sanctioned in both the Quran and the Sunnah.

Islam needs to get rid of this kind of preacher, if it ever wants to evolve.

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