Friday, January 30, 2015

Pro-Palestinian Group Shuts Down Free Speech At Cal Poly- Video

The pro-Palestinian contingency has no idea of the meaning of dialogue, or respect. Take a look at this video at Cal Poly Pomona where members of American Muslims for Palestine rudely shouted down two Israelis who had been invited to speak on campus.  As the two IDF reservists tried to talk about terrorism and their efforts to save both Israelis and Palestinians, there was a non-stop barrage of invective:  "war criminals" "murderers"  "Nazis" "rapists" "baby killers".

The Dean of Students and VP of Student Affairs have since worked with CPP Hillel and Broncos for Israel to create a chain of command for dealing with protest response and have finalized their policies towards any disturbance in the future.
An open and safe atmosphere for dialogue and ensuring that students feel free to express their love of Israel without being attacked is still uncertain for CPP students, but the future looks brighter.

Stand With Us has posted the video on YouTube.

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