Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Glenn Beck Would Consider Ron Paul Over Newt Gingrich If He Runs Third Party

According to, Glenn Beck on his radio show said that although he hates Ron Paul's Middle East policies, he would consider voting for him if Paul went Third Party. I'm not sure what Beck would do if he didn't run for Third Party and Newt did happen to get the nomination, but I find that, along with the Ron Paul love-fest in the rightscoop comment section, quite disturbing.

Not many are enamored of Newt Gingrich, but most have the sense to know that he and Mitt Romney have the only chance in hell of winning the 2012 presidential election, and will vote for either if they happen to be the Republican nominee.  The rightscoop  encourages people to vote for Gingrich if he does get the nod, I would encourage people to do the same, or Romney if it goes to him.  However, if Ron Paul happens to miraculously win the Republican nomination, or runs Third Party, I could not in good conscience vote for him.  I would do what I criticized people for in 2008, sit it out. 

Now, let's see how many Paulbots come slinking over here to slam me.


unrighteousfury said...

Looks like nobody is trying to slam you lol. What's the point? You refuse to have a debate on the subject. Even now that most of the republicans in congress have passed the "National defense authorization act", and so will all the repubs in the senate while Obama makes it clear he will now sign it. Are you blind? How many of these bills will republicans allow congress to force down our throats, destroying our constitutionally protected rights? You still think it is all about getting rid of Obama, even while the republicans vote WITH the democrats! How's about we make a deal? You read up on Ron Paul's 30 years of historically protecting the constitution, and I will read up on "ANYTHING" you provide proving Romney, or Gingrich are conservatives. You are welcome to post links to all of the content on my site if you want and I WILL NOT delete it. If you will not listen to me, then I will try to listen to you instead. If you think Romney, and Gingrich, are true conservatives show me why? I will listen. I hated Ron Paul in 2008! I was in the army at the time [though never deployed] I thought he was a lunatic like you do. Then I started doing some research on what I thought were his quack answers.I am willing to go into this deal with an open mind if you are. No more insults,[though I think they are pretty funny] no more bullshit. An honest intellectual debate, backed with facts.

For my part I will start.Please research "Fractional reserve banking" If you are willing to just google that, and read up on it, I am willing to look at whatever evidence you wish to produce backing up your candidates as well. Fair?

Incognito said...

Guess not, but rightscoop sure did.

I'm flattered you keep coming back, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

This is where I'm at: I'm not a libertarian, which is what Ron Paul really is. I also consider myself a moderate, so again, ultra conservatism doesn't appeal to me. Though there are some issues that Paul stands for that are admirable, I have problems (like Rightscoop) with his foreign and middle east policies.

Finally, say he does win the GOP nomination, there is no way in hell he would beat Obama, and to me that is very problematic. Regardless of whether he is a worthy candidate, everyone I know thinks he's a joke. Sorry, but that's a fact. I would rather a moderate Republican candidate who has the potential to beat Obama, than a conserative Linertarian who has no chance at all. At least I know that they would be voting the majority of the time conservative, rather than not at all. That was the problem with the stupid people who voted for Christine O'Donnell over Mike Castle. I don't expect you to understand.

I will google fractional reserve banking, just out of curiosity, but we will have to agree to disagree, because it is quite obvious we will never change each other's minds.

unrighteousfury said...

If you look it up that is good enough for me. Once you start understanding how the economy and deficit really works, and blood shoots out of your eyes, you might have a change of heart.I may not be able to campaign for my candidate like I want to, but maybe if I can change one mind by showing them why there is so much support for this seemingly "crazy" old man, then I have done part. I will never say somebody can't change my mind. Of course if new evidence comes to light, I will change my mind based on the evidence. I really hope you will do the same.

This support for Ron Paul comes from only one place, and that is my strong belief and oath I took to the constitution. He took the same one, and so did every man and woman up on stage. Don't ask yourself if you are Libertarian, or conservative,or liberal, or moderate! None of that matters, or ever has! What you have to ask yourself is "Do I believe in the constitution"? Then compare the voting records of who has voted by the constitution The highest law in the land...and who has not.

Why couldn't he beat Obama? What proof is there for that assumption? He will bring the troops home ending both wars isn't that what Obama supporters wanted? He will balance the budget and stop deficit spending isn't that what conservatives want? Why do news networks and Hannity, Limbaugh ect ect keep repeating this nonsense. There truly is no proof of that at all.

unrighteousfury said...

Remember too, You say everybody you know think Paul is a joke. Fair enough. Everybody I knew in the army thought Obama was a joke to so did my family. He still got elected. We all flock to those most like us. Most of our friends share our belief structure [not all but most] it is human nature. You say everybody you know thinks he is a joke whereas everybody I know [some of whom are quite successful and very well grounded people] think he awesome. That is only anecdotal evidence at best. The movement for him as you have seen with your own eyes is quite massive, his funding, and grassroots support only prove that. Let us try to look past what mainstream media drills into us, and instead try to look at what is actually going on. If somebody had told you just two months ago Ron Paul might win Iowa would you have believed it? Would any of us? The mainstream media still has trouble believing it!

Incognito said...

I commend you for your enthusiastic support of Paul, and for taking the time to explain why. I still don't believe he could ever beat Obama, even though Obama's support has waned. Faced between Paul and Obama, they would choose the known commodity. As I mentioned no-one I know, either conservative, liberal or moderate would vote for Paul.

And as I mentioned before, his Middle east and foreign policy is what clinches it for me. And we've been down that road before.

May the best man win, as they say.