Monday, December 05, 2011

Hypocrite Ron Paul Accuses Newt Gingrich of "Serial Hypocrisy"

Here is Ron Paul calling Newt Gingrich a serial hypocrite in a campaign ad.

And here's what Jeffrey Lord from The American Spectator has to say about Ron Paul's hypocrisy.

Congressman Paul has made much of his opposition to Washington "special interests." But when it comes to funding his political career --where has Congressman Paul gone?

Yes indeed. Hat in hand -- and hand out -- Paul is not a whit different from Newt Gingrich.

Take a spin through these contributions Paul has taken over the years as formally listed by the Federal Elections Commission here.

Interesting, no? Talk about political profiteering! Right there in black and white candidate Ron Paul is recorded as taking money from the Bigs.

The Bigs? Yes, the Bigs:

Big Insurance
Big Banking
Big Medicine
Big Financial Services
Big Beer

And so on and on and on and on through every Big Money special interest out there. Ron Paul takes money from the Builders and Contractors, from AFLAC, from AT&T, from milk producers and Bank of America and… well… take a gander at the very long list yourself.

Granted, none of the listed campaign contributions are recent, but it still proves that Dr. Paul is not the complete "outsider" he claims to be.


Anonymous said...

This article is Empty. You show no Facts, only one sided comments. All politicians take money, its how they run their campaign. How is it wrong? your bias is obvious.. terrible article.

Incognito said...

Ha... you guys are so predictably funny.

First of all, it's not really my article, I am simply commenting an sharing someone elses.

And I think you are that same guy who posted on my other Ron Paul posts and dedicated a post on little 'ol me. Had someone like you before but he was from the other side of the political spectrum.

Unirghteousfury said...

Once again I must set the record to rights

I see somebody else here also thinks you are quite stupid. For his benefit and for everybody else's I have once again shredded the uselessness that is your closeted opinion.

Just so you know I sign with my handle not with anonymous. I don't hide.

Incognito said...

Ha. You Ron Paul trolls are so predictable.

First of all, let's see who the stupid one is: yesterday the anonymous comment came from Allendale, Michigan. Then, wow, guess where your comment came from today? Allendale, Michigan. Your first comment was anonymous last time, remember, although you did include a link to your post? Then you posted as your silly self the second time around.

As I told you before, this is not my commentary, go haunt the guy who wrote this.

Won't be going to your blog because my time is far too precious to waste on drivel.

What I want to know is why Ron Paul-ites are so hostile to anyone who does not revere their supreme master as they do. Something terribly wrong with that.

Have a good day.

unrighteousfury said...

Nobody is trolling you. I live in Coopersville, MI, not Allendale though they are close together. You didn't tell me anything because again I am not the person who posted that comment no matter how much you want me to be. Plenty of people know about your views from my last Blog and any number of readers could have left that comment. I always sign with my handle. The only time I didn't was the first time I used your website system that I was not familiar with and so didn't know how to do it. You have plenty of time to blog, and plenty of time to debate. If you have these views then back them up. It was somebody else's article yet you support their views as proof from your headline. So back them up! The only person spouting drivel is you woman. Get some guts! If not I do not care, the link is still there for people who do have the guts...and for that I tip my hat to you. [even though I don't wear a tippable hat]but if I did I would tip it to you.

unrighteousfury said...

Oh and you should be asking instead, why people who disagree with Ron Paul are so adamant and biased in their attacks on the man. While he raises the most money from the same troops who are fighting the war the republicans and democrats sent them to fight. How come the media never covers that I wonder? I think it shows what they think of the war. He raises more than ALL OF THE CANDIDATES COMBINED! Let me tell ya sister if you send your hard earned money to a candidate, from a foxhole in a third world shithole he must be saying some things you seriously agree with.

Supporting a candidate that is worth a damn does not make him my master. Defending his views that I share is just defending my views such as you do daily on your blog. Since when did agreeing with somebody make him your master? Since when did defending views you agree with become creepy or robot like?

At least Paulies as you call them are willing to have the debate. They aren't chicken shits that hide behind a blog and won't reveal themselves for cowardly reasons.There is nothing respectable about that at all!

Incognito said...

Well, my site stats say Allendale, whether you live there or not. A little coincidental that it's the exact same Ip address. and yes, dear, you can get that kind of info.

I have the guts, just can't be bothered with your childish silliness. As for my time, it's *my* time, and I don't feel like wasting it on someone who has no capacity to accept that others have differing opinions, and that that is ok. I'd rather spend it researching for new posts.

And yes, if Ron Paul was TRULY an 'outsider', as he claims to be, then he would never accept money from ANY corporate entity.

He IS a hypcocrite. And if he hadn't bothered to call someone else one, there wouldn't have been a need to post this.

Enough said.

unrighteousfury said...

No he isn't. That's like saying if you are against social security but collect it anyways you are a hypocrite. Well your not. You see if you paid into the system your whole life you deserve to have your money come back to you. That doesn't mean you agree with the system only that until it changes you have to play by the rules. As I pointed out the answer is plain as day in front of you. Ron Paul's voting record says he isn't in bed with any big company anywhere! Who cares if a company gave him 1 trillion dollars in financing because they agree with his views as long as they can't buy his vote it is totally irrelevant. Gingrich has been bought and paid for and his VOTING record proves it. That is the point that ad made and you obviously missed. Nothing hypocritical about it. I challenge you to honestly examine their voting records. Tell me who the real conservative is. Tell me ONE corporation that owns Paul's vote just one. I can tell you at least 5 that own Gingriche's.