Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ron Paul Video- If China Attacks America (Just imagine)

Video ad from Ron Paul PAC The speech is one of Paul's with the overly dramatic embellishment by revolutionpac. 

Their mission statement:

The Revolution PAC seeks to widen the range of allowable opinion in the public square and to bring to the attention of the American public the neglected alternative of freedom, sound money, self-government, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. This is the answer to the big-government progressives and big-government neoconservatives who have brought our exhausted country to the brink of collapse.
Interesting to note-  the "allowable opinion" pertains to Ron Paul-ites and no-one else.


unrighteousfury said...

So do you agree or disagree with it?

Incognito said...

Uh, what do you think?

unrighteousfury said...

I have no idea yu didn't really say. You don't think if china had a base in our country we have an insurgency here? The south had an insurgency against the north didn't it? The 13 colonies had an insurgency against britain didn't they? If you disagree withthe ad perhaps you could tell me why? The comparison seems pretty obvious. You have never been in the military or fought a war. What gives you the right to send people to fight in your stead? There is a reason paul gets the most money frm military both former [such as myself] and active.

Incognito said...

I would think it was rather obvious.

The ad is way over-the-top, and the notion that it would ever happen on US soil is as far fetched as Paul's other way-out-there conspiracy theories. The only way that it 'could' happen would be under a Ron Paul presidency, given his whimpish, naive, kumbaya foreign policy views.
No, I have not been to war, but why did you or anyone else join in the first place, if you are so anti-military?

unrighteousfury said...

Anti military is different from anti war. War is very glamorous to those who have never been in one. War on our soil is not far fetched AT ALL, it is inevitable. To think the United States s never going to be invaded is silly. Historically it would be pretty much the only country in all of history that hasn't been. Even if it could NEVER happen though, isn't the comparison still valid? In that situation of what if, wouldn't there be an american insurgency? Please answer that question honestly. You are talking about the only candidate by the way that predicted a 9/11 type event was coming long before it happened and I can show you the video to prove it. Wasn't that just a conspiracy theory at the time too? All of that aside though the video was a "What if" situation. How is that a conspiracy? Please answer two questions. Why does Ron Paul get more military contributions than all of the other candidates combined? Do you really think all of those soldiers over seas sending it to him are just cowards who are anti military? Don't you think that is silly? Second question,
What does the United States have that makes us so hard to invade? Isn't it the millions of civilians with guns that would cause an insurgency that is our real defense? Why wouldn't other countries use that defense as well. Afghanistan is the empire breaker just like Vietnam. They both used insurgencies to defeat us. One did. The other will too mark my words.Please answer those questions.

Incognito said...

No, war is not glamorous to anyone, even those of us who have not participated in one, but at times it is a necessary evil, because evil exists in this world, my friend. Look at Hitler- millions of Jews, gypsies and others were killed because they were too trusting. You are doomed if you think evil does not exist.

And look at the evil that Islamic extremists perpetrate not only on non-Muslims but their own damn people. Sectarian violence has absolutely NOTHING to do with so-called occupation, and yet they kill each other without so much as a pang of conscience. they stone adulterers to death, they honor kill their siblings and children for being too western, they hang homosexuals, kill blasphemers, they throw acid on young school girls because they want their women to remain uneducated and obediatn, they bomb each other at weddings and funerals, at marketplaces, they kill men, women and children all in the name of Allah. I'm not saying they're all evil, but there's a pretty large portion of them who are.

So, yes we would fight, but the potential for an invasion would only be possible with someone like Ron Paul, as I have already mentioned.

As for predicting 9/11.. yeah Paul also thinks it was a 9/11 truther conspiracy and that we brought it upon ourselves. again a gross miscalculation of the Islamic supremacist and imperialistic agenda. Look at the Ottoman Empire, not that far back in history. There are still plenty who would love to establish a global caliphate. A presence abroad helps maintain our strength at home.

Could there be an insurgency, absolutely, but you don't allow it to get to that point, by being isolationist.

Why does Ron Paul get more money from service people? I'd have to see the numbers, but yes, you might think it's silly but it's probably because they are tired of being at war for so long, and understandably so. They want someone who isn't going to send them off again, but that's not a reason to vote for a man.

As for civilian militias, you're probably right, there are plenty of fringe elements with guns who would fight back, but there's no comparison between us and Iraq and Afghanistan. I think the only ones we need fear are Islamic terrorists, a very different ball of wax from an invasion from say China. That might have been a possibility back in the cold war days, but not now.

As for the Taliban and other militant ultra religious Muslims- yes, they will probably prevail because their religious zealotry is far more important than human life. All they want is to establish Shariah law and will do anything to accomplish that. And after all they get those 72 virgins if they're martyred.

unrighteousfury said...

There are 300,000,000 people in U.S.A. roughly 100,000,000 are armed, about 1/3 of the country. I wouldn't say that is a fringe element.Ron Pauls top donors are the US ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY, AND MARINES. Top donors! Romney's are goldman sachs, morgan stanley, all banks ALL OF THEM! look for yourself

How could you think for a second the man is not bought and paid for?

He supported the bail out for YOUR MONEY to go to these people. This is corruption a scale so massive I can hardly even wrap my mind around it. Yet people are more worried about undertrained, under equipped, rag headed peasants, who couldn't hope to launch an invasion on the United States if they all combined together for it.

You have more of a chance of winning the megabucks lottery than being killed by a terrorist!

You put stories up on your site all the time about how horrible these third world shit holes are!

You say even in this response,
"and yet they kill each other without so much as a pang of conscience. they stone adulterers to death, they honor kill their siblings and children for being too western, they hang homosexuals, kill blasphemers, they throw acid on young school girls because they want their women to remain uneducated and obediatn, they bomb each other at weddings and funerals, at marketplaces, they kill men, women and children all in the name of Allah. I'm not saying they're all evil, but there's a pretty large portion of them who are".

things happen right here in the states though all the time. Women drown their children by strapping them in cars, Men shoot their whole families while sleeping,and rape their own children. America is full of abuse,murder, and plenty of other horrible shit just read the crime report on fox daily it is incredible what people do to each other. I don't see how this justifies war do you?

You say Hitler slaughtered millions right? Did our going to war with him stop that? NO he still was able to slaughter millions. People use the holocaust all the time to justify going to war with Germany yet we didn't even know about it until late in the war. Then we sat by after and watched Stalin murder millions more than the third Reich had ever dreamed. We did nothing, and that was something we actually knew was going on.

We need to follow our constitution period. This is why Paul is so popular. You may not agree with him about Iran but the constitution is very clear about this. Our founders were terrified of it because they saw the British empire follow your same philosophy. Strong presence abroad= safety at home.

Instead it bankrupted their empire, caused a revolution in the 13 colonies, and they still pay for it to this day by having no trust abroad with anybody but the west.

Rome fell the same way
So did the Persians
So did...well pretty much all of them.

History always repeats exceptions. What will it take for you to listen? How much evidence do you need.

Will it take bread lines
the dollar collapsing
70% unemployment

Will it be when your children are born immediately 200,000 dollars in debt, instead of 30,000.

Go occupy your neighbors house with guns...see how safe that makes your house from your other neighbors.

Just because you increase the size of the house by calling it a country the principle remains.

Last you say "you might think it's silly but it's probably because they are tired of being at war for so long, and understandably so. They want someone who isn't going to send them off again, but that's not a reason to vote for a man".

This sounds much more anti military to me then me saying bring them home. I know you prefer 1 paragraph responses but these aren't 1 paragraph issues they are complicated.

Be careful the shadow you chase is not the one you cast.

I may not be able to ever change your mind but maybe some of your other readers still have an open one.

Incognito said...

It's obvious there are many military who support Paul, the younger less astute ones I'll warrant, but there are many others including in the military who think that it's not quite an overwhelming support.

Those undertrained, underequipped "raghead" peasants, as you put it, have managed to cause major chaos all over Iraq and Afghanistan. They also managed quite well, thank you, to cause massive damage and casualties on 9/11, 7/11 in London, in Spain, in Bombay, in Bali and the list goes on.

And yes, "America is full of abuse,murder, and plenty of other horrible shit" but the difference is their "shit" isn't state sanctioned (as it is in Shariah compliant nations like Iran) nor is it encouraged like it is in Palestine. We don't aspire to be suicide bombers, nor do we encourage our children to do that.

Yes, going to war with Hitler set into motion the end of his aryan goals. God knows what would have happened had we not. I can't even fathom how someone can think you can't help people when in need. I suppose you'd just sit by and watch someone beat your neighbour to death because it was none of your business. I don't think like that.

And Paul isn't that popular or he would have won Iowa with a landslide.

I doubt you will change any of my readers' minds but you can certainly try. You will never change mine. Ron Paul is a dangerous man, constitution or. And remember it was written a long time ago, and things change.

unrighteousfury said...

Ahhhh now I see. The constitution was written a long time ago was it? Let's just scrap the whole damn thing then shall we? Or maybe just the parts you don't like... The constitution is the LAW!

So many people swore an oath to protect that document and die for it that it disgusts me you would even say that! Who cares though right? Things change after all!

Would I watch my neighbor beat somebody to death and just stand there?...NO! Would I force somebody else to go protect my neighbor in my stead and possibly give up their life in the process? No. Please try to keep in mind that while you rant about the injustices of other countries..other people do the fighting and the dying.I do not carelessly send kids to die unless the threat is provable, and necessarily requires actual military intervention. 19 guys blowing up a building does not do that. In world war 2 the Japanese military declared war on our country. Big difference.

Ron Paul is dangerous...he is dangerous to people like you!

People who think our constitution is old and outdated. Yet hide behind the first amendment to type that they think that way.

WW2 was a classic example of picking and choosing who to save and who not to. You say we stopped Hitlers Aryan goals. This is true. Yet it was used after the fact to JUSTIFY the war..not as a reason to go to war. Why don't you understand this?

By the way, if we had never gone to war with Hitler I will tell you exactly what would have happened you don't need god to do it for you.

The soviets would have defeated Germany [which by the way they were the ones who ended up invading Germany, capturing most of it and winning the war anyway] The soviets had a fanatical military that would have fought on long after the German Military was crushed and become the dominate force in Europe. Which happened anyways.England never fell in the war and probably wouldn't have. Even if they were occupied the insurgency that would have come much like the one in France would have destroyed the invaders.

No. Only people who don't know anything about war history think that without U.S intervention in ww2 Germany would have emerged the rulers of us all. It is a nice fantasy but probably not reality.

Even if Hitler had won and conquered all of Europe, it is still a stretch to think he was a threat to the United States. The Germans would have had to invade north America with a Canadian/American military to oppose them along with the mother of all armed populations to contend with. That along with the likely insurgencies that would be going on all over their [conquered] territory. They would have been defeated handily and their empire would be doomed before it ever began. You might think [Well that still would not have prevented the holocaust] and you would be right. Our military has a job, that job is to protect us not others. Our government has no business asking them to go protect other people either, and never has. How can you justify asking a kid to go fight and die so that a mothers child in another country can live? Where is the moral justification? A mother loses a child either way.

You can keep on dreaming that Paul isn't popular if you want. He was close in Iowa, and came in second in New Hampshire. He might not be as popular as Romney with republicans...try to remember though that a lot of republicans do like him and indie voters love him, Democrats not happy with Obama will vote for him. We are putting up a republican nominee but he needs more than republican votes...and Mitt isn't going to get those.

By the way nice article you linked to. The guy who wrote it didn't have a shred of evidence, just opinion, but nice article nonetheless. Paul does have the highest military support and Romney's biggest contributor is a bank that received a large portion of the bailout his COMMUNIST ASS SUPPORTED! Which voting for that scumbag will be supporting as well.

Incognito said...

Holy S. this is long..

Did I say to scrap the whole dang constitution? No, I did not. And fyi, they've made amendments to the amendments, so nothing is ever written in stone.

The difference is that military personnel (and God bless them for it) CHOOSE to join the military. If they are not willing to go fight in a war they have no right joining. Thank God there are enough patriotic men and women who value freedom who do join.

The war on terror is a very different matter, and those who think it isn't a war are pc fools. The Japanese during WW11 were from one small Island. Islamic extremists live everywhere and can strike at anytime anywhere. they're not just saudis, or Pakistanis or Iranian or Yemeni, they're also people like Abdul Samia, the Tampa guy who was arrested for planning to blow up nightclubs in Ybor city. (i just posted on this). It's also not just organized groups like the Taliban and al Qaeda and Boko Haram and al Shabaab, it's also sleeper cell individuals ALL OVER the world.

And a zillion more Jews, gypsies would have died while waiting for the Russians to invade.

And again. Hitler didn't need to be a threat to the U.S. and I harken back to helping thy neighbour. If my neighbour is being threatened, I will help. It is incumbent upon the stronger of us to help the weaker. it's the morally and spiritually correct thing to do.

Paul might have a very remote chance of winning the Republican nom, because there are no great options but he has no chance in hell of beating Obama. He's just far too fringe, and much of that has to do with his supporters.