Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Support A Republican Singer and A Novelist

It takes a lot of courage for people in the arts (be they actors, writers, musicians, singers or artists) to speak openly about their non-liberal politics, since it can often adversely affect their livelihood. So when someone does, we should do what we can to support them.  And, since the holidays are the time for giving (be it Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa), I thought I would share with you a few opportunities to support two of those brave souls, especially since I know them.

Jeff Gurner, of the comedy singing duo Joberg & Gurner, also happens to be a great actor that I have worked with. Their lyrics are irreverent and often racy, but very funny. Comedy Central just released their album "MANHOOD", of which the following 'family friendly' video is one of the tracks included.  You can download the CD from i-Tunes and CDBaby

Roy M Griffis is a long-time reader who just shared with me that he finally published his novel, which is now available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle.  I haven't read the book yet, but the synopsis sounds wonderful.

A single spontaneous act of charity on the battlefields of France during WWI will change the life of English Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald forever. Scourged by the war's brutality, his faith in God and man nearly gone, Fitzgerald follows a soldier out into no-man's land on a mission of charity to euthanize two maimed donkeys. Under fire by the enemy, shamed by the suffering of the only innocent creatures on the field, Fitzgerald unsuccessfully risks his life to aid the poor animals, becoming wounded in the process.

A young nurse, Charlotte Braninov, encounters Robert, first at a front line Casualty Aid station, where he helps her save a dying man, and then at the main hospital, where he is ignobly consigned to Supply Officer, blackballed by the Army for his "lunacy" over the stricken animals. At the hospital, the Russian nurse and English officer slowly find in one another peace from the suffering they have seen, healing, and a meaning to their lives; each act of service or sacrifice building a foundation of love as they have never known, a love they believe strong enough to withstand the hammer-blows of evil and fate.
So, there you have it. Two Republican in the arts you can support, and get something in return.

And as Joberg & Gurner would say:  Happy Chrismanukkah to one and all!

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