Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jerry Sandusky Lawyer's Gaffe- 1-800-REALITY Is Gay Phone-Sex Line

One would think that when your client's future is hanging on the line, you would be a tad more careful what you say in nationally televised press conferences.  But alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky's lawyer, Joe Amendola, seems to have made some interesting gaffes over the past few weeks.  First of all, Sandusky's interviews, including the one with Bob Costas, have not painted him in a very positive light.  In fact, that Bob Costas interview pretty much tipped the scales for me, in terms of his guilt. I mean, who horses around naked with young boys, and thinks it's perfectly okay to shower and "touch their thigh", as he so openly admitted to Costas?  This is not normal adult behaviour.

Then we have today's gaffe, not major, but pretty darn bizarre. After Sandusky chose to waive his preliminary hearing rights today, Amendola took to the microphone. 

Trying to be clever, Amendola suggested that we oh-so-naive ones who believe that Paterno et al responded to Mike McQueary's sexual abuse allegations with a simple 'stay out of the shower with young kids, dude', should dial "1-800-REALITY" .  So, took him up on that suggestion and dialed the number , and what they got was a gay phone-sex line.  Ooops.  Or maybe not.  You have to wonder, does Amendola think that his client is guilty and is just letting him hang himself- well, figuratively speaking?  Obviously, the 1-800 gaffe was unintentional, but it is all very strange, nonetheless.

Sources: Sports Grid, NY Daily News

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