Saturday, December 03, 2011

Will Herman Cain Quit? GInger White The Nail In Herman Cain's Coffin

Herman Cain had a nice run, but by tomorrow I predict there will be one less candidate in the GOP race for president.

I'm actually surprised he lasted this long, but he managed to hang in there after all those allegations of sexual harassment. Interestingly enough, some of his most fervent supporters were Tea-Party females, most of whom believed Cain's emphatic denials of any impropriety in spite of the fact that two of the women that claimed he had harassed them were paid off. Troubling as those allegations might be, the fact that politics can get very dirty and the statement from a private investigator who claimed that Cain was not lying, helped keep him in the ring for a little longer. TJ Ward says he has some software that is far better than a lie-detector test, and apparently used that on Cain's speech when he denied any sexual harassment with Sharon Bialek. It also helped that Sharon Bialek had a questionable past, with a history of filing harassment suits. And let's face it, what constitutes sexual harassment?  I think we've all been subjected to some form or another- a dirty joke, a comment about how hot we might look, but is that really a major pay-offable crime?  Reportable harassment is when your job is on the line, when your boss tells you you'll lose that job if you don't sleep with him/her. Only Cain, if he's honest with himself, knows what went on with those women.

But this latest issue regarding his alleged 13-year affair with Ginger White, and the fact that he admits he gave her cash and didn't tell his wife about it is his proverbial 'nail in the coffin'.

If all of this is true, and he does have a problem with inappropriate behaviour, he is either in denial and truly does not believe he does, which is possible, or he's a consummate liar. Either way, he doesn't belong in the White House. I feel bad for him, since he seemed like an interesting candidate, although I still haven't decided who I will endorse, but there's an arrogance in someone who thinks he can get away with something by lying about it. That happens alot with politicians, and they're either too arrogant or too stupid to think that the truth won't eventually come out.

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