Monday, April 02, 2012

Afghan Woman Executed Over "Illicit Relationship", Man Goes Free

The latest from Afghanistan.

The information on Khaama Press is a little sketchy, but it seems a man and a woman were caught having an "illicit relationship", which in Afghanistan more than likely means they were not married- the woman was sentenced to death by tribal elders with the approval of her two brothers, and was subsequently executed within days. What happened to the man she was involved with? Nothing, apparently.  He had been jailed in Kabul but then released. Whether he was jailed because of the relationship or for unrelated matters is unclear. The point is- he's still alive, and she's dead.

Paktia province, where this occurred, is located in eastern Afghanistan, parts of which are still riddled with Taliban.  According to  the local police chief, Zalmai Oryakhel, her two brothers were arrested for being complicit, and he has no clue why her lover was freed.  He also claims the woman's killers have disappeared. Not surprising really,  since it's women who suffer the most under Shariah law. 

Although human rights activists in the region have condemned the execution, and urged Paktia authorities to investigate the matter, but it's unlikely anything will be done.  It was just a woman, after all.

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