Monday, April 02, 2012

Michelle O'Bama's Klingon-Like Oufit At Kids' Choice Awards (and other fashion missteps)

Michelle's Klingon outfit at Kids' Choice Awards

Michelle Obama's latest clothing misstep had her showing up at Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards (with her two daughters Sasha and Malia) wearing a glitzed-up Klingon-like getup. At first I thought it was photoshopped, but no, that's definitely Michelle looking like she just stepped off the set of a Star Trek movie.

Female Klingon Uniform

Not the ugliest outfit I've seen her sport, but certainly one of the least appropriate ones for the wife of the U.S. Commander-in-Chief. There are many Obama devotees who laud her 'taste' in clothing, some have even compared her to Jackie Kennedy, but she's definitely no Jackie O. Jackie's dresses were classy, tasteful and elegant, everything befitting the wife of a world leader.  Michelle's, not so much.

Politics aside, Michelle has absolutely no fashion sense in spite of the fact that she spends plenty on her designer couture. She has worn less than a handful of outfits that could in any way be compared to Jackie O.  Most of them look like she picked them up at her local thrift store. Nothing wrong with that, but if you're going to spend a ton of money on a designer dress, then buy one that at least looks like you spent thousands on it.

Of course it's not her fault she has no taste, and to be fair her hair and makeup look good, if you crop out the rest of the photo, but good Lord, who let her out of the White House dressed up like a space alien.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I didn't realize that it was a requirement as 1st lady to dress like Jackie O. Secondly, what did you expect her to wear to the kid's choice awards--a floor length gown?! And last but not least...on all things Obama....Stop Hating!!

Incognito said...

First of all, not hate at all, merely an observation about someone who has little to no fashion sense, and who should not be compared to a woman who did. And if I had been a hater, I would not have given her kudos for her hair and makeup.

And who said anything about a floor length gown? But skin-tight leggings (or whatever they were) with a short little jacket/dress/smock or whatever that was, was very inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Yes, are hating!!! Inappropriate for who...this is the 21st century....get a grip. Remember, whether or not Jackie O had taste or fashion sense is subjective. The first lady looked good and sexy. And that is can be sexy and be appropriate. And btw...have a blog with some meaning (since you are the police on appropriate) not something as so superficial on you hatin your first lady is shapely a Black woman. I'm just saying Mrs. Appropriate maybe you can report on the Christian-Newsome case. It most definitely needs some attention. I'll be waiting for your next reply....

Incognito said...

In what way is criticizing what someone wears 'hating'? Please enlighten me. And had it been Laura Bush wearing that same outfit, or the wife of any other world leader, they would have elicited the same response. Had I criticized her hair and makeup in addition to her bizarre outfit, then maybe that would be hating, since I mentioned she looked good from the neck up. And nothing wrong with shapely- and Michelle's body wasn't what I was criticizing, it's her taste in clothes. Nowhere did I mention anything about her face, hair or body.

Yes, she is young and shouldn't feel compelled to dress dowdily, but there is a certain decorum expected of people in power,, and wearing skin tight leggings is innapropriate. You will never convince me otherwise.

You obviously haven't bothered reading my other blog entries. Every once in a while I post something a little less substantive, because I like a break. and a little levity once in a while makes a blog more interesting. I need a break from all the real horrors of the world.

And what about the Christian Newsome case?

Heatherloves138 said...

*Yes, anonymous blog poster: you've exposed the driving force behind every critical remark anyone has ever made against the Obamas-racism. Whew. Glad to know SOMEONE out there is blowing the whistle on all this secret.....hatin'. What would Mrs. O do without such smart, well informed people like yourself uncovering the 'haters' lurking in our midst?? And this whole time I just thought she didnt like the klingon suit! Wow, Im glad you guys called her out for hatin' on poor Michelle's outfit. Just. Because. She's. Racist. It obviously had nothing to do with the fact that the woman who represents our country chose to appear on national television looking like a sci-fi roman soldier. Nope, she's just hatin on the poor shapely black woman. LOL!

Incognito said...

The person never did come back.

It does get tiresome when people assume you must be racist if you don't like the Obamas, although Anon didn't quite come out and directly accuse me of racism, just 'hating'. But I suppose it's implied. Ironically, I don't have a racist bone in my body.

Sadly, I think we are in for 4 more years of eye torture, plus.

thanks for stopping by.