Monday, April 23, 2012

Pakistan Girls' School Blown Up By Al-Qaeda Linked Militants

Women haters in Pakistan blew up a girls' school in Khyber agency (a tribal region bordering Afghanistan) because  they obviously think the woman's role is in the home making their men samosas and popping out future suicide bombers. Thankfully there were no girls at school at the time, and no-one was injured. But I'm sure if they continue to try to educate themselves, the next thing will be acid.

JAMRUD: Militants planted explosives in the boundary wall of a government girls’ middle school, destroying the building in the Ghundai area of Jamrud, Khyber Agency on Saturday.

“The explosive material was planted in the boundary wall of the school, which destroyed the building,” said officials of sub-district Jamrud.

The owner of the school, Malik Haji Zewar Khan, told The Express Tribune that he heard a sound but took it as thunder due to heavy rain the previous night. But after few minutes, his son Khalid, who was a watchman of the school, informed him of what had happened.

Soon after the explosion, locals started rescue work by gathering the debris of the damaged building.

Assistant Political Agent (APA) Jamrud, Mohammad Jamil, employed sniffer dogs and successfully arrested a suspect, Sher Haider, who lived near the school, and arrested three other armed suspects.

APA Jamrud also issued orders for the arrest of the school watchmen.
While talking to media from an undisclosed location, Abdullah Azzam Brigade spokesperson Abu Zarar claimed responsibility for the attack.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, Khyber Agency is considered to be the most literate of all 8 tribal regions of Pakistan.

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