Sunday, April 29, 2012

Neturei Karta Leader Meir Hirsch More Muslim Than Jewish

Rabbi Meir Hirsch, the leader of the bizarre anti-Zionist, Orthodox Jewish fringe extremist sect Neturei Karta, was happy as a clam that anti-Semite, anti-Zionist pro-Palestinian activist Sheikh Raed Salah won't be deported from England. I'm sure Salah is elated about it too, considering the UK is a great place for radicals to live for free.  He's got lots of extremist buddies over there, like Anjem Choudhary and Rich Dart, that live very nicely (courtesy of the Brit taxpayer) all the while preaching hate.  That was the reason Salah was banned from entering Britain to begin with, because it was believed he might "incite racial hatred.

But Hirsch and the Neturei Karta have no problem with inciting racial hatred, since they do it themselves.  They claim Israel and the Jews have no right to rule the Holy Land, and in his speech Hirsch actually sounds more like a Muslim extremist than a Jew when he says that he prays to "Allah to remove the Zionist regime from the entire land of Palestine."

He goes on to say:
"We declare: End the Zionist terrorism! End the cruel occupation! We believe that the final and just solutin that will put an end to the cycle of blood, and will achieve peace and stability for Muslism and Jews, is to restore the rule to a single Palestine on the entire land, for all its residents, with Al-Quds as its capital. Prior to the Zionist occupation, Jews and Arabs lived in peace and security under Muslim rule for centuries. We pray toAllah that the triumph of our beloved sheik Raed Sallah will finally bring an end to the cruel Zionist takeover of Palestine, and will restore peace, calm, fraternity, compassion, justice, and integrity among all human beings, so that they will worship Allah together, side by side. Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.  Inshallah (Allah willing)
I guess he has no problem with paying the jizya (tax for non-Muslims).

Note his use of the words "infidels" "Allah" "Allah Akbar" and "Inshallah" in the video below.  .


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh... that Mr Hirsch... oh well.

Incognito said...

indeed... every religion has thei kooks.

Anonymous said...

What is he thinking? Of course he's a nut! If heaven forbid the palestinians ever overran Israel, he wouldn't be tortured, killed with the rest of the Jews?
People like him are a menace to Judaism.

Incognito said...

there are many more like him, though. Just proves that every religion has their extremists. and yes, he probably would be.