Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dog Wars- Obama's Dog Eating Days versus Romney's Dog On The Rooftop Road Trips

Mitt Romney and family have been receiving a lot of flak for strapping Seamus (the dog) in his carrier (equipped with a windshield ) to the roof of their Chevy Caprice station wagon back in the 1980s during vacation road trips.  One particular incident has garnered the most criticism:  in 1983, while driving twelve hours from Boston to Ontario, Canada, Seamus got 'the runs' and pooped all over himself and the car windows.   Apparently, Mitt stopped at a gas station hosed the doggy and car down, strapped him back up on the roof and continued down the road. Ann Romney has defended her husband claiming Seamus "loved" his rooftop road trips- which is open to debate, and since Seamus is dead and doggy's don't speak, we'll never know. But, because of his questionable dog transport method democrats have been attempting to paint Romney as callous and insensitive. 

Back in January David Axelrod, Obama's advisor, tweeted “How loving owners transport their dogs,”  along with a picture of Barack and Bo, the Obama dog. That tweet along with continued criticism of Romney has sparked a virtual on-line 'dog war' thanks to the Daily Caller's post on Obama's Indonesian dog-eating days (excerpt from his book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance).

“With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy). Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.”

Yeah, I know, he was a young boy and kids don't always get to choose what they do or don't eat, but Westerners aren't into dog meat and it's probably something he should have kept to himself. And if you're going to shove it, expect to get shoved back, and that shoving has come from the conservative blogosphere.

Naturally many took to the twittersphere:

Sami Shamieh‏@Sami_Shamieh
Chihuahua Allah King #obamadogrecipes #p2 #tcot

Here's more.

And they hit photoshop:

Transporting  your dog on the roof of your car is pretty stupid, but so is writing about eating dog meat, even if it was decades ago.

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