Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jesus Was a Black Muslim, says Leader of Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan

The Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan has just rewritten religious history at an Alabama A & M University appearance:  Jesus was a Black Muslim.  I've heard the whole 'Jesus Christ was a black man' theory and, frankly I could care less what color his skin was, but Muslim?  So, how did he come to that conclusion?

“Because Jesus said ‘Not My will, but Thy will.’ You know what we call that in Arabic? Islam. He was a Muslim.”

Right!  The fact that Jesus and Christianity predate Mohammad and Islam, by centuries, somehow eludes his  racist, anti-Semitic, delusional, ignorant mind. Hey Farrakhan, maybe Mohammad was actually a Christian?!

Source: The Blaze


unrighteousfury said...

Farrakhan is a joke. Black culture has no identity which is why so many of them have converted to Islam, a religion they do not understand.

Farrakhan says anything he can say to keep his flock riled and the donations rolling in. Of course he doesn't actually think that Jesus was black, but he knows his undereducated and indoctrinated followers will.

Incognito said...

But you'd be surprised how many Muslims do believe that we were all born Muslim. Not sure how they figure that, but they do. Hence, non Muslims are called 'reverts' when they convert.