Sunday, November 17, 2013

4 French Alleged Syria Jihadists Arrested In Paris

Apparently there are approximately 440 French jihadists who have either fought in Syria and are now back home in France, intend on fighting, or are already there. Four of those jihadists are now out of commission, for now at least, after being arrested by French authorities in Paris. The men, part of a network lead by a 24-year-old, were in their 20s and 30s, and were caught by French intelligence (DCRI). The network is responsible for training and shipping fighters to Syria. Probably the same network that sent this idiot over there. They also arrested a woman, but the fools released her.  One of the men was born in Morocco, but the other three are natives of France.

According to a source, 10 or so have been killed- no loss there- and around 50 to 60 have returned from Syria. You can't really say they were radicalized over there, because being radicalized was what obviously prompted them to trek on over to Syria to fight, to begin with.

Too bad they can't all be rounded up to keep the French people safe.

Source: Al Arabiya

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