Friday, November 08, 2013

Rich Arab To Pay Big Bucks For 'Private' Tutoring In The UK- Females Preferred

A thirty-something-year-old  Arab businessman- currently living in England- and who left school as a teen, is looking to pay some female $200,000 (£122,300) to be his full-time tutor for a year, to help him get into Oxford University. And when he says full time, he means full time.

In a classified ad placed in the Times education supplement- but more worthy of placement on said 'Arab businessman' expects a lot from potential candidate. She must be "socially and culturally versatile," a native English speaker with teaching knowledge (he wants to speak like a Brit), lead a "healthy lifestyle" and be  in "good physical shape."  She must also be "highly intelligent, erudite, well read" and able to teach him jazz piano, appreciate opera and Shakespeare. She must be willing and able to travel to exotic destinations like the Middle East and Africa- all expenses paid, including: "apartments, hotels and yachts." Yowza.

But here's where the full time comes in: work is from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day, and she must spend Fridays and Saturdays with the man. No mention of other 'extra-curricular' activities, but you know that will be expected.

He allegedly wants help with the GCSEs and A Levels, but adds that he is realistic and knows he might not gain admission to Oxford.  In addition:

She must also be able to turn the client into a man whose “Arabic background is no longer evident.” In the lengthy advert, the tutor should also be “constantly researching and planning a culturally rich range of musical and dramatic performance, visits to art galleries and museums, restaurants, sites of historical or contemporary interest,” as part of a “life curriculum.”

Apparently he does not mention the sex of the candidates, but it's quite obvious he's looking for a woman.

Very bizarre.

Sad thing is, some fool is going to go for it and I can't imagine it will end well.

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