Saturday, November 02, 2013

Obama Argued Against Healthcare Mandate In 2008 In Debate With Clinton

In his own words- during a presidential debate in 2008 with Hillary Clinton in Ohio- then Senator Barack Obama argues against the healthcare mandate Clinton was pushing whereby individuals were to be fined for not purchasing insurance. This, as we know, is now part of Obama's Affordable Care Act.

Speaking of Clinton's mandate-which Obama claimed was the main difference between their healthcare plans:
"... she would force, in some fashion, individuals to purchase healthcare. If it was not affordable, she would still, presumably, force them to have it unless there is a hardship exemption as they have done in Massatusetts [sic]..."
Yes, he pronounced the "ch" in Massachusetts with a "t". And no, I'm not being petty, but the left skewered George W. Bush for mispronouncing nuclear, so fair is fair.

H/T BlackAndRight

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