Sunday, November 10, 2013

TV Skit Mocks Nasrallah, Protests In Lebanon Ensue

A Lebanese TV skit mocking Hezbollah's head honcho Hassan Nasrallah so enraged his supporters, they did what Muslim extremists do best- flocked to the streets in protest and burned tires. LBC TV's comedy show 'Basmat Watan' has targeted Nasrallah before, and as far as the producer Charbel Khalil is concerned, religious figures are fair game. Since he also happens to be a political figure, others believe there's nothing wrong with mocking him.

This week’s program poked jokes at Hezbollah's role in Syria, with Nasrallah's character lamenting what he said was a late intervention.
"Our weapons should have included planes and submarines," he said.

There is a video news report on this on Al Arabiya.

No sense of humor.

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