Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Women Have Half The Brain Function As Men- Claims Saudi Scholar Al Arifi

Sheikh Muhammad al-Arifi is a famous Saudi scholar and professor at King Saud University. He has a Twitter following of 7 million. In a video on YouTube he explains why Allah (in the Quran) requires the need for two women to testify versus the testimony of one man.  Because, apparently, we have half the brain function as men:

".... the man has a gland in his head that allows him to do two things: Remember, and talk-- at the same time. As for the woman, her gland only allows her to do one thing. Either she remembers, or she talks. So God almighty said: One man, and two women. So that if one woman forgets, the other one reminds her."
Watch more on the video here.

Of course this is the same man who said that fathers should never be alone with their daughters lest they tempt them into lust, which prompted some to say he needs psychiatric help.

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