Friday, November 22, 2013

Spirit Airlines Takes Dig At Obamacare In Latest Ad Campaign

Spirit Airlines, the only airline (that I know of) to charge for carry-on baggage, has added the Obamacare fiasco to its ad campaign arsenal titled the Affordable Fare Act. Making fun of the website woes and Barack Obama's failed promises regarding keeping your insurance, Spirit Airlines sent an email touting its latest low prices featuring the following:

“If you like your low fares, you can keep your low fares … because our website actually works!”  “Take advantage of our Affordable Fare Act with this deal!”
Sure the prices seem low- $19.90 one way for Spirit members and $29.90 for non-members- but who knows where those flights will take you, and then you have to factor in all your baggage fees. I refuse to fly Spirit, but I admire the rather gutsy ad campaign.

According to Fox, Spirit cleverly uses breaking news to fashion its ad campaigns, including one called "We're Not Smoking Crack" in honor of, yes- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

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