Friday, November 01, 2013

FSA Statue-Smashing Cleric Omar Gharba' s 2012 Interview- Lesson In Contradictions

Omar Gharba' is a Wahhabi cleric with the Free Syrian Army (FSA).  They're supposed to be moderates, and obviously some are- the secular ones who started off fighting for democracy at the beginning of the revolution, but many, like Gharba', are not.  In this 2012 interview Gharba'  talks about establishing an Islamic state. He's full of contradictions, including stating he does not support foreign fighters from a tactical standpoint, but from a Shariah standpoint- bring 'em on. This same man who in 2012 talks about Omar ib al-Khattab not destroying churches when he entered Jerusalem, is recently seen destroying a statute of the Virgin Mary in Idlib. The interviewer keeps questioning Gharba' about what the FSA will do if the majority of the Syrian people want a civil state (after claiming it is better to let people choose), and asks if they will use arms to establish an Islamic state. He never really answers her.

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