Thursday, October 31, 2013

KY Hospital Orders Diversity Training For Staff Over Barack Obama Halloween Costume

Someone decided to dress up as Barack Obama in a straitjacket for the Jennie Stuart Medical Center annual Halloween costume party in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. BO was part of a threesome- note the race of the two others dressed as guards.

After performing a short skit titled "VIP Special Delivery", they came third in the costume contest. However, some overly sensitive people took offense to the BO costume, so now everyone at the medical center (all 750 staff members) is being forced to take diversity training.  They are also being told not to wear anything offensive at future events: including "political, religious, ethnic and gender based costumes."

One man interviewed in the video link below talks about disrespecting the president, but had that been G.W. Bush, or any other Republican president (and they do have those masks) this would have been a non-event.

Video news report.

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