Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kuwaiti Scholar Discusses The Evil Jews, The Protocols and Mein Kampf

Here's a good one from MEMRI to make your blood pressure rise.

Kuwaiti scholar Muhanna Hamad al-Muhanna and a TV host discuss the "evil" Jews, "Mein Kampf" and "The Protocols" conspiracies. What's so ironic, is that what they discuss in this anti-Jewish rant could actually said about their own religion.

Al-Muhanna believes: "..that (the Jews) are evil" because of the Talmud "which derides the goyim or "the others. For them, even God is racist. Yahweh is the God of the Israelites alone.... [snip] and Yahweh belongs to the Jews alone. " He calls Jews racist, because they "became a separate people with its own religion."

And because of the Quran, the Muslims deride the 'infidels',  and have become a separate people with their own set of religious Shariah laws. I guess that makes them just as racist.

He criticizes Judaism for being the only religious faith that does not proselytize, and implies that since a quarter of the stories in the Quran are about the Jews or Israelites, there must be something wrong with them. And secular Jews are just as racist as religious Jews, because even though Ben-Gurion and Weizmann (the founders of Israel) were atheists they were extremely "zealous" about Zionism.

Throughout the video he keeps insisting that the Jews are not genetically evil, but that their education (the Talmud) creates that evil "based upon the Talmudic notions of contempt for others, killing others, practicing usury, and considering themselves superior- is what has turned them into a people with hatred for others."

Muslims don't have contempt for others, consider themselves superior, don't hate, don't kill?  What a joke. The only thing in his laundry list of 'evils' not applicable to Muslims is usury.

Her then he talks about the Jews and "organized prostitution." I guess he doesn't consider Islam's 'temporary marriages' as a form of prostitution, because they are sanctioned under Islam.

And here's the kicker, the host asks al-Muhanna :  "Do you think that Hitler in his book "Mein Kampf, was being unfair to the Jews when he wrote,  in an entire chapter: 'Wherever they are, the Jews are loyal only to their own groups, and they segregate themselves from the country where they live'?"

And in a short digression from his Jew-bashing, and in a neat re-writing of history, he claims it was the Armenians who persecuted and massacred the Ottoman Muslims.


Video here.

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