Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Muslim Woman Complains To CAIR About Being Kicked Out Of Meeting

More pissing and moaning to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) by some Minnesotan Muslim woman who complained about being "physically escorted" out of the Annual Hibbing Area Women's Retreat which was being hosted at the Chisholm Baptist Church.

Apparently, this woman showed up wearing her hijab to the meeting where Cynthia Khan- an Islamophobe according to CAIR- was scheduled to speak.  

" [she].. was initially welcomed to the event by organizers. She completed the registration, paid the entrance fee and was given a nametag. As she was entering the auditorium, Khan approached event volunteers and asked that they remove the Muslim woman.

When the Muslim woman explained that she was only there to listen and would not interrupt the speech or disrupt the event, Khan said she did not want a Muslim in the audience. Khan told her that videos and materials "offensive" to Muslims will be shown and distributed during her talk.

Despite her objections to the unfair treatment due to her religion, the Muslim woman was physically escorted outside by event volunteers.

Come on, the woman really expects us to believe that she was only there to listen? And why would you go to an event that you know will offend you if you aren't there to cause problems either during or after that event. Which was obviously her intent, since she went straight to CAIR. 

Video report on the situation.

As expected, CAIR is looking into legal action.

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