Thursday, October 17, 2013

North Korea's Luxury Water Park Opens, Still Waiting For The Ski Resort

North Korea (DPRK) is piss poor. Outside of the capital Pyonyang the people are starving. They have a zillion people holed up in labor/prison camps all over the country, and Kim Jong-un is building luxury ski resorts and water parks, for tourists and the privileged class.

The ski resort, meant to show the world that the DPRK is "civilized" was slated to open on October 10th, it did not, which means some comrades have probably landed themselves- along with their entire family- in one of those labor camps.  Apparently when the current 'dear leader' was a young lad studying in Switzerland (under an alias), he became enamored of skiing, so now he wants one for himself. Located about a 4 hour ride from Pyonyang, in the Masik Pass, resort plans include two hotels, chalets, ski runs and lifts and some fun sleigh rides.

What did just manage to open is the humongous, luxurious Munsu Water Park, and they're all mighty proud of it. There are even a few foreign diplomats in attendance. Check out the perfectly orchestrated opening ceremony video here, including matching swim suits. Most look like they're having so much fun. It's got everything you could want including a gym, so all those uber-skinny, hungry people can bulk up a bit.

What a creepy place. One of the last places I would visit as long as the Kim-god dynasty is in control.

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