Monday, October 14, 2013

Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Admits She Supports The Muslim Brotherhood

Yemeni journalist, activist and politician, Tawakkol Abdel-Salam Karman, is a co-recipient of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. The 'face' of the Yemen Arab Spring uprisings, she also happens to support the violence-prone Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Probably because she belongs to the Al-Islah party, an Islamic political party whose members are mostly Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists.

In an interview (courtesy of MEMRI), a reporter questions her support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and why she's so bothered about what's happening in Egypt.

As we all know, not everyone deserves those Peace Prizes.

She has come a long way, though.  She used to wear the niqab (veil that covers all but the eyes), now she wears colorful hijabs.

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