Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jihad A Family Affair: Kazakhs Move Family To Syria To Fight

If a video that was initially posted on YouTube (until it was removed, but can now be seen on LiveLeak) is for real, a 'family'  of 150 men, women and children from Kazakhstan moved their nasty little butts to Syria to fight for jihad. The video shows men and young boys, along with a few hijab and niqab-clad little girls, holed up in some fancy mansion somewhere in Sham aka Syria. Talking about why they have come to join the Islamists in Syria, it's a long video (20 minutes) titled "The Muslim Family of 150 People Who Moved to Sham."  Towards the end  of the clip, we are shown a massive explosion, and then a young man who we are led to believe was the one who blew himself up, then more video of the explosion as they're all allahu akbar-ing away.

No-one has been able to verify the authenticity, but RFE/RL states that the Kazakh government is looking into it.

No footage of the wives, but if the 6-year-olds are wearing niqabs, the women are probably hidden away inside somewhere cooking, and waiting to make more future suicide bombers.

More on the story at RFE/RL.

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